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Orlando Scandrick on injuries: I’m not a car that can get new wheels

Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick played through a hamstring injury Sunday, but he injured the other and might miss the Chicago game.
Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick played through a hamstring injury Sunday, but he injured the other and might miss the Chicago game. rmallison@star-telegram.com

Orlando Scandrick hasn’t been Orlando Scandrick since his return. There’s a reason.

The cornerback has not one but two hamstring strains.

“I’ve been dealing with some things,” Scandrick said. “I managed to get through last game and do what it takes to help this team from being 0-2 and dealing with the aftereffects of it now.”

Scandrick did not practice Wednesday, spending practice doing resistance training and extra stretching with associate athletic trainer Britt Brown. His status for Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears is up in the air.

“I don’t know what to expect,” Scandrick said. “I’m not like a car. You can’t take me to the shop and put new wheels on me and new brakes. I’m a human.”

Scandrick, the team’s defensive MVP in 2014, doesn’t hide his frustration with his health. He missed all of last season two torn ligaments in his right knee.

He strained his left hamstring in the season opener, returning to play through it. Scandrick played last week despite being questionable on the injury report Friday, but he injured his right hamstring in the game.

Scandrick said he would not play this week if he was only “70 percent or 75 percent of myself.”

“It’s changed, because I can’t be myself,” he said. “I’m not going to continue to put bad film on and have people think, ‘Oh, he’s lost a step; oh, he doesn’t have it; oh, no….’ I’m not healthy. Like that’s what it is. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to me.”

Morris Claiborne started for Scandrick last week, with the Cowboys using Scandrick in the nickel. He still played 49 of 67 snaps, allowing three catches for 25 yards and a touchdown, according to STATS, Inc.

For the season, Scandrick has allowed six catches for 91 yards and a touchdown.

“For whatever reason, I’m dealing with strains in my hamstring or whatever we want to call it or whatever they want to call it. I’m not here to go back and forth on what’s going on,” Scandrick said. “I just leave it at I’m not right. It’s encouraging that it’s not my knee, and that that repair is holding up strong.

“The facts are the facts. I haven’t played in a year, and through two games, I haven’t been able to play fully. I don’t know if I couldn’t have played fully last game. That was not my call to play part time. I feel like we’re here at this same point whether I played full time last week or I didn’t play full time. I’m extremely sore today.”

The Cowboys know what Scandrick brings to their defense, but they also want to get him healthy. To do that, he might have to miss some time.

“That’s what I tell him. You’ve got to be smart with this thing,” cornerback Brandon Carr said. “We’ve got a long season to go. Take care of your body. It’s your career. At the same, if you can go, a banged up Orlando to me with the things he can do out there on the field with his awareness is much better than another guy that is off the streets or whatever and is just coming in and trying to fill in for us. If he can get himself going where he feels he can go out there and give us his best effort on Sunday, we’re going to take him. But we have some guys behind him who have been prepping for this time, and he’s been doing a good job of just keeping those guys in a loop for what’s going and be the best player-coach he can right now.”

Rookie Anthony Brown would take Scandrick’s spot in the nickel if Scandrick can’t play.