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Dak Prescott has exceeded everybody’s expectations except his

Dak Prescott hasn’t exceeded expectations in his mind.
Dak Prescott hasn’t exceeded expectations in his mind. pmoseley@star-telegram.com

As a fourth-round draft pick, expectations weren’t overly high on Dak Prescott going into his rookie season.

Most thought the former Mississippi State star may not even see the field behind Tony Romo and Kellen Moore.

Injuries, though, has thrust Prescott into the spotlight and he has handled it as well as anyone could have imagined. Prescott has shown poise and veteran-like savvy on the field, and has the Cowboys off to a 1-1 start.

More impressive may be that Prescott has set an NFL record with most pass attempts (75) without an interception in a quarterback’s first two games.

So, yes, Prescott has done more than anyone expected of him early on in his young career. But he doesn’t feel that way personally.

“I have high, high expectations for myself, a lot greater than this and what’s going on now,” Prescott said. “I want to continue to get better and I guess continue to give you guys stories, but my expectations are very high for myself.”

Statistically speaking, Prescott doesn’t have a certain number of yards or touchdowns he’d like to throw for. Instead, he expects to win games and has given himself a passing grade in one of two games so far.

“I guess the last game I could check that win off the list,” Prescott said. “But I’ll go back and evaluate at the end of the season and that’s when I kind of see what expectations are for myself.”

Still, there’s no question that Prescott has been better than the Cowboys thought he’d be when they drafted him last spring.

Prescott continues to draw rave reviews for his preparation and work ethic, and his ability to take care of the ball. He has also shown a knack for staying poised in pressure situations such as the game-winning drive he led the Cowboys on last Sunday in Washington.

There are areas for improvement, of course. Prescott hasn’t thrown for a touchdown yet and must do a better job converting in the red zone. The Cowboys have settled for too many field goals and not enough touchdowns on their trips to the red zone, and Prescott is the first to acknowledge that.

It’s much tougher to get TDs in the pros compared to college.

“The guys are bigger. The guys are faster. I guess that’s the difference than college,” Prescott said. “The field’s wider than it is longer at that point so they can cover a lot of ground. But I think I missed some throws in the red zone.

“Go back on film and watch, I missed a couple of touchdowns I could have had. Things I’ll get cleaned up and fixed and hopefully get in the end zone.”

For now, though, the Cowboys are just happy that Prescott is running the offense well, protecting the ball and putting the team in position to win. It’s harder than it sounds given the Cowboys’ 1-11 record without Tony Romo last year.

But Prescott has prided himself on being prepared for situations such as this throughout his life and feels he’s right where he belongs.

“I feel like I belong here. This isn’t a dream where I’m wowed every day,” Prescott said. “I feel like this is where I belong, so I’ve got to continue to get better.”