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Lucky Whitehead admits being ‘lucky’ after ‘scary’ traffic accident

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead (13) was involved in a traffic accident Friday morning.
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead (13) was involved in a traffic accident Friday morning. rmallison@star-telegram.com

Dallas Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead is seemingly OK after being involved in a traffic accident early Friday morning. He was at practice with his teammates, though he seemed to be laboring.

The only injury he says he has is a little cut on his arm from deployment of the airbags. Whitehead it’s not something that will keep him out of Sunday’s season against the New York Giants, though he acknowledges he it was a frightening experience and admits he is very fortunate and lucky that it wasn’t worse.

“I'm blessed, lucky to be here,” Whitehead said. “It was definitely scary. Big time scary. “I’m fortunate to just have this little cut.”

Whitehead posted pictures of his damaged car and the deployment of airbags on his SnapChat account. Whitehead has since deleted the photos in his SnapChat story.

Whitehead said the accident happened when he was driving home from a birthday dinner for receiver Terrance Williams about 1:30 a.m.

“ I’m coming down the tollway it was a car came up to my right side because I got to the far lane and as I was going down, they had flew by me,” Whitehead said. “There was a car ahead of us about 100 yards and as he came up to that car, that car tried to move over to the right lane and then when he did that the car that went past me did the same thing so they came back into both lanes at the same time. Then that car swerved back over and the car in front of me, said he didn’t see me coming in the far left lane so he just wanted to get completely out of the way and move from that car coming and it was too late for me to do anything because there was a wall left of me on the left side I didn’t know what was next to me on the right so I just decided to slam on the brakes.”

Police and EMS personnel were called to the scene. Whitehead declined medical attention and called his mother to come pick him up.

He said he didn’t get home until after 3 a.m.

That Whitehead didn’t contact coach Jason Garrett about the accident is also something he regrets about the whole situation. Garrett didn’t know about the accident until he was informed by the media at his news conference Friday morning.

“I don’t have any information about that,” Garrett responded tersely, when asked about the accident.

Whitehead finally got a chance to talk to Garrett about it before practice.

“I was in shock. I didn't know what to do,” Whitehead said. “I thought (Garrett) knew. But he said he didn't. I have to communicate that better to him so he knows.”

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