Dallas Mavericks

Parsons participates in the NBA All-Star All-Style show

DALLAS – The Dallas Mavericks won’t have anyone participating in the NBA All-Star game on Sunday in New York. But forward Chandler Parsons will be a part of the All-Star Weekend festivities.

Parsons will be part of the one-hour inaugural show called NBA All-Star All-Style, a fashion show produced by LeBron James’ Springhill Production Company.

Houston’s James Harden, Golden State’s Klay Thompson, Washington’s John Wall, Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins, Minnesota’s Zach LaVine and Parsons are the contestants.

TNT analysts Kenny Smith and Barkley are among the judges.

"LeBron is hosting it with Kevin Hart, and I think Charles (Barkley),’’ Parsons said after Tuesday’s practice. "Basically, they just knew I was into that, so they reached out and asked if I’d be interested in doing that.

"I initially didn’t plan on going to New York, but I’m going to go for a couple of days before I get out of there. But it’ll be fun, man.’’

Parsons has done some fashion work in the past, so that should give him a leg up on the competition. Especially since Japanese fans voted him the most handsome player in the NBA.

This weekend’s show will be taped Friday night at New York’s Hammerstein Theater and will be televised on TNT on Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

And Parsons is in it to win it.

"You don’t enter a competition and not try to win,’’ Parsons said. "That will be another great opportunity to do something that I’ve very interested in with a lot of cool people that are going there, and it’s kind of cool.

"This will be a fun time to spend with those guys and kind of learn more about that industry and just have fun with it.’’