Dallas Mavericks

Parsons sits with an illness


MIAMI -- Hard times keep knocking on the Dallas Mavericks’; doorstep.

Already saddled with a four-game losing streak, the Mavs found out Friday afternoon that they’ll be without small forward Chandler Parsons for tonight’s game against the Miami Heat.

Coach Rick Carlisle said during his pre-game interview session that Parsons won’t play against the Heat due to an illness. He didn’t get any more detail than that.

"It just came on this afternoon and I’ve been told to categorize it as an illness and he just can’t go,’’ Carlisle said. "I hope he’s feeling better by tomorrow.

"We’ll have to wait and see.’’

After tonight’s 7 o’clock game against Miami at American Airlines Arena, the Mavs will close this three-game road trip Saturday night in Orlando, which is where Parsons grew up.

With no Parsons tonight, Richard Jefferson started and the Mavs’ rotation will be severely tested.

"It affects it significantly,’’ Carlisle said. "The next guy just got to step up, that’s all.’’

That next guy may be Al-Farouq Aminu, who has been impressive lately.

"Aminu has done a good job in recent games,’’ Carlisle said. "Very active, doing good things at both ends of the court.

"So we need him to continue to do that.’’