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Odds favor Whiteside going to Dallas, Parsons heading to Boston

The Dallas Mavericks have a good chance of landing Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside during free agency.
The Dallas Mavericks have a good chance of landing Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside during free agency. AP

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is going to Dallas and Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons is heading to Boston in free agency, according to the oddsmakers at SportsBettingDime.

Whiteside carries 7-to-4 odds that he’ll sign with the Mavericks, 5-to-2 odds to go to Portland and 3-to-1 odds of staying in Miami.

Parsons has only an 18 to 1 chance of staying in Dallas. His likely landing spot is Boston (4 to 1), Washington (9 to 2) or Orlando (18 to 1).

Another Dallas free agent target, Mike Conley of Memphis, will be touch and go. Conley carries 4-to-5 odds of re-signing with the Grizzlies. If not, Dallas (5 to 1) and San Antonio (8 to 1) are possible destinations.

Talk of Dwight Howard going to Dallas has waned in the past few weeks and so have his odds of joining the Mavericks.

Howard could move to Brooklyn (14 to 3), Orlando (5 to 1) or Portland (11 to 2). Dallas is lumped in with the field (17 to 8).

To nobody’s surprise, Dirk Nowitzki is expected to return to the Mavericks (4 to 1) and not retire (99 to 1).

The Kevin Durant sweepstakes have the Oklahoma City superstar staying with the Thunder (5 to 1). If not, he’s heading to Golden State (4 to 1), Boston (11 to 2) or San Antonio (7 to 1).

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Here’s a look at the odds on a few other free agency moves:

Tim Duncan

Spurs: 5/6

Nowhere/Retires: 6/5

Field: 50/1

Ryan Anderson

Wizards: 9/2

Rockets: 5/1

Celtics: 11/2

Kings: 7/1

Pelicans: 9/1

Field: 3/2

Harrison Barnes

Warriors: 7/3

Lakers: 3/1

Clippers: 4/1

76ers: 5/1

Field: 8/1

DeMar DeRozan

Raptors: 2/13

Field: 13/2

Pau Gasol

Spurs: 6/7

Knicks: 3/2

Bulls: 25/1

Field: 10/1

Eric Gordon

Pacers: 4/3

Knicks: 7/2

Nets: 5/1

76ers: 7/1

Pelicans: 20/1

Field: 9/1

Joakim Noah

Knicks: 1/1

Wizards: 5/1

Nets: 7/1

Bulls: 100/1

Field: 4/1

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