Dallas Mavericks

Carlisle not answering any more Rondo questions for now

MIAMI – An ESPN reporter asked Rick Carlisle about Rajon Rondo after this morning’s shootaround at American Airlines Arena, and the Dallas Mavericks coach was none too pleased.

"I’m not answering any more Rondo questions about the transition or any of that kind of stuff until the season’s over,’’ Carlisle said. "We’ve got a team here and right now we’re in a tough spot – we’ve dropped four games in a row.

"It’s not about Rondo. It’s about all the guys that we have here pulling together and doing things a little harder and everybody digging a little deeper.’’

The Mavs were 19-8 before they acquired Rondo from Boston on Dec. 18, and they’re 11-9 since that blockbuster acquisition. Tonight at 7, the Mavs (30-17) play the Miami Heat (20-25) at AAA.