Dallas Mavericks

Mavs getting beat late in the shot-clock

DALLAS – Rick Carlisle is very concerned about his team’s inability to play defense throughout the course of the entire 24 shot-clock.

The Dallas Mavericks coach figures that played a major part in his team’s losses the past two games to Chicago and New Orleans.

"We’ve been getting hit badly late in the shot clock,’’ Carlisle said following Monday’s practice at American Airlines Center. "We gave up over 50 points to Chicago in the last eight seconds of the shot clock and we gave up over 40 points to New Orleans in the last eight seconds of the shot clock.

"We’d get some good defensive possessions started. But we have to be able to sustain, and we haven’t been doing it.’’

And exactly how do the Mavs go about playing defense for 24 consecutive seconds?

"We just got to understand that once a defensive possession starts, its not finished until you come up with the ball – either on a rebound or a deflection or whatever the case may be,’’ Carlisle said. "Some teams are hitting some uncanny shots.

"But if you give them opportunities and openings late in the shot clock, these are NBA players and they do amazing things. And so we’ve got to concentrate harder and we’ve got to stick with it better.’’