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Cuban believes fans shouldn’t vote for All-Star starters

Dallas Mavericks guard Monta Ellis (11) shoots over Chicago Bulls forward Pau Gasol (16) during the second half.
Dallas Mavericks guard Monta Ellis (11) shoots over Chicago Bulls forward Pau Gasol (16) during the second half. Special to the Star-Telegram

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes the fan voting for the annual NBA All-Star game has become such a disaster that the process needs to be eliminated.

Cuban bristled at the notion that the top vote-getter for this year’s All-Star game, Golden State’s Stephen Curry, finished with just 1,513,324 votes in the fan balloting.

“In context of everything, that’s no votes,” Cuban said before Friday night’s game against Chicago. “That’s such a small number considering all the different options you have to vote that it’s almost embarrassing.

“If you think of all the people who go to games, all the people who watch games globally, to have [the top vote-getter have] 1.5 million means the system is broken. Absolutely, positively broken.”

Fans vote for the All-Star starters, and the coaches vote for the seven reserves.

Cuban said the coaches and/or general managers should vote for all of the players who participate in the All-Star game, and that the rosters should be expanded from 12 to 14 or 15 players.

“Now if we were getting 20 million All-Star votes, or the winner was getting 20 million, that would be different,” Cuban said. “But if I saw the numbers right and it’s only 1.5 and fans are allowed to vote more than once, that’s embarrassing.

“I think its time to do away with it because we’re just not getting the response that matters. Shoot, no one even tried to hack it. That’s how bored they are.”

Cuban also is so bored with the fan balloting that he doesn’t bother pushing his fans to vote for Mavs players. From his stance, the whole system needs an overhaul.

“If we were getting 20, 30, 50 million votes and we show that fans just loved it and wanted to participate, that would be one thing,” Cuban said. “Then the fans have spoken.

“But the number of voters isn’t enough to even get anybody to notice — that means basically .01 percent of NBA fans cared enough to vote. And probably if you included global, that probably means .000001 of fans globally thought enough to vote. And presuming they only voted once, which they didn’t, that just shows nobody cares.”

Ellis touted for game

Both coach Rick Carlisle and Cuban believe the Mavs player with the best chance of collecting a spot in the All-Star game is guard Monta Ellis.

“Monta Ellis deserves to be an All-Star,’’ Carlisle said. “Tweet that!

“I think Monta Ellis is the most deserving because of how he continues to elevate his game and all the huge plays he’s made for us.”

The West is loaded with players who deserve to be an All-Star. And injuries to Portland’s LaMarcus Aldridge and the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant will free two spots and perhaps get Ellis a nod via the coaches’ vote.

But Cuban isn’t optimistic.

“We don’t have vocal ‘look at me’ guys,” he said. “We don’t have highlight guys.

“Monta is an All-Star, without question. You don’t get where we are with a 30-13 record and not have an All-Star.”

Honoring Marion

The Mavs will honor Shawn Marion, Cuban said, during the March 10 game against Cleveland.

Marion, who played for the Mavs from 2009 through last season, plans to retire after he finishes this season with the Cavs.

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