Dallas Mavericks

Mavs not paying attention to Minnesota’s record

MINNEAPOLIS – After Wednesday morning’s shootaround at the Target Center, the Dallas Mavericks wanted to make one thing perfectly clear.

Monday’s 103-95 win at Memphis is over and done with, and the Mavs have moved on and are now concentrating on tonight’s 7 o’clock game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Mavs (29-13) also aren’t paying any attention to the Timberwolves’ woeful 7-33 record. In other words, the Mavs know a win over Memphis counts the same in the standings as a win over Minnesota.

"The Memphis win is nothing if we don’t get this one,’’ forward Chandler Parsons said. "The Memphis game was a big win, but it’s over with.

"We’ve got to capitalize and go perfect on this road trip. We can’t have any letups.’’

While having an ample amount of respect for his opponent, coach Rick Carlisle explained that there is no different in comparing for a team, regardless of its place in the standings.

"You’ve got to compete the same,’’ Carlisle said. "The notion that it’s different is the kind of thinking that gets you beat in games like tonight, so we can’t allow that to happen.’’

The fact that the Timberwolves have won two of their last four games after losing 15 in a row is caused for concern for Carlisle. Especially since guard Mo Williams scored 52 points in the 110-101 win at Indiana on Jan. 13.

"Minnesota is a dangerous team,’’ Carlisle said. "They’ve won two out of (four).

"They got a guy who went for 52 points a week ago. We’ve got to have the appropriate amount of respect for them and we’ve got to play a good game to win.’’

Finding the adrenalin rush to get up to play the Timberwolves shouldn’t be a problem, according to the Mavs. And they’re certainly not into disrespecting their opponent.

"We’re playing for something way more than they are,’’ Parsons said. "Just because they don’t have a great record and don’t have a lot of wins, we’re still going for our own individual goals, and for us to get to where we want to we’ve got to beat them.

"We’re playing well right now, but I still think there’s a lot of room for improvement and we can still get a lot better. The more we play together the better off we’ll be, but this is a game like this that we’ve definitely got to take care of business.’’