Dallas Mavericks

Pistons’ response to fan antic during Mavs’ visit is hilarious


If you were watching the Dallas Mavericks play the Detroit Pistons at The Palace at Auburn Hills on April 1, you might have seen something you’ve never seen before at an NBA game.

The Pistons fumbled the basketball out of bounds and it landed in the lap of one of those lucky fans sitting in a courtside seat. Normally, the fan hands the ball to the referee and the game goes on without a hitch, but this time, the fan gave new meaning to a delay of game violation.

The fan stood up and heaved a shot at the basket. It didn’t come close to drawing iron, but the fan did draw the immense ire of Pistons point guard Reggie Jackson, who shot the fan a stare that could have stopped a driving James Harden in his tracks.

The Pistons, perhaps wanting to make sure Jackson doesn’t do anything crazy the next time a fan should take such a liberty, decided to put out a cautionary video via Twitter on Sunday, a gentle reminder of sorts that such actions by fans, even those in the expensive seats, are not permissible:

Golf claps all around are in order for the Pistons’ social media team’s efforts on this one. Well done.

We just wonder what the response would have been if that courtside-shooting fan had been … Mark Cuban?