Dallas Mavericks

Lee, Parsons have Florida connection


DALLAS – From one former Florida Gator to another, forward Chandler Parsons is totally on board with the Dallas Mavericks’ recent acquisition of David Lee.

Like Parsons, Lee played his college basketball at Florida, but not during the same time. Lee was with the Gators from 2001-’05, and Parsons played there from 2007-’11.

Thus, Parsons and Lee have enjoyed a close bond for quite some time.

"I’ve had a really good relationship with him ever since I’ve been at Florida,’’ Parsons said. "It’s a special bond that a lot of the guys have.

"When you go there you stay in touch, and you go back to games there during the summer. So it’s just adding a guy like him that I’m close with and comfortable with, who can still play.’’

A 6-9 forward/center, Lee signed a one-year, $2.1 million prorated salary with the Mavs this past Monday.

Drafted on the first round by the New York Knicks in 2005, Lee was not part of the contingent who recruited Parsons to go to Florida.

"Joahim (Noah) and Al (Horford) and those guys were more like (at Florida) when I was getting recruited there,’’ Parsons said. "But I had known (Lee) just from like the summer and working out and just mutual friends that we hung out with in New York and stuff when he played for the Knicks.

"So I talk to him a lot, still.’’

Now that they’re on the same NBA team, Parsons and Lee will be talking to each other a lot. And catching up on old times.