Dallas Mavericks

Devin Harris misses his lob-dunk partner Brandan Wright


DALLAS If anybody missed Brandan Wright more than Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, it’s backup point guard Devin Harris.

“He was my security blanket,’’ Harris said following Friday morning’s shootaround at American Airlines Center. “When I got in trouble, I always could just throw it up there and I’d know he be there to go up and get it.’’

Harris was referring to the lob dunks which had become such an integral part of the Mavericks’ offense. Most of those came when Harris would lob the ball into the air, and the sky-walking Wright would grab the ball and dunk it all in one fell swoop.

The play was part exciting, part menacing and a very important weapon. But when Wright was included in the Dec. 18 trade with Boston which brought Rajon Rondo to Dallas, the Mavericks have only been able to execute a lob dunk just three times in three games.

While most of the lob dunks since Wright departed have been just to center Tyson Chandler, the Mavericks hope to massage their rotation in time for tonight’s home game against the Los Angeles Lakers so other players they can get in on the fun.

“The rotation changes a little bit and I think there’s some things we can do to tweet the rotation that will enhance our situation right now,’’ Carlisle said. “We may look at some of that’s stuff tonight, depending on who plays.

“But after three games it’s no time to hit any panic button. Its time to stay the course and keep working on the little things that are going to make a big difference and that’s what we’ve got to do.’’

Harris doesn’t believe backup center Greg Smith possess the type of agile body to be a player who can be on the receiving end of a lob pass.

“He’s more of a bruiser,’’ Harris said. “Athletic, but a different type of athletic.

“He can be just as effective, but he’s just got to find a way to do that.’’

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