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NBA All-Star Game apparel pays homage to Toronto’s history in the league

The apparel for the 65th NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 14 in Toronto will be provided by adidas.
The apparel for the 65th NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 14 in Toronto will be provided by adidas. Courtesy of the NBA

The NBA All-Star Game will have a new look and a new location this season.

The 65th NBA All-Star Game will be held on Feb. 14 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The apparel will be provided by adidas, which unveiled the collection today.

It will be the first All-Star Game to be held outside of the U.S. TNT will televise the All-Star Game in the U.S. for the 14th consecutive year.

The first NBA game played in Toronto was on Nov. 1, 1946 between the Toronto Huskies and New York Knickerbockers.

The uniforms incorporate elements indigenous to Canada and pay homage to Toronto’s NBA history.

The red-and-white Western Conference and white-and-blue Eastern Conference uniforms feature a maple leaf overlay on the front of the jerseys as a tribute to the national symbol of Canada, while Toronto’s cityscape is featured across the back to represent the host city.

A star patch that incorporates the maple leaf and NBA logo is displayed on the upper back of the uniforms, while black-and-gold jock tags display the Toronto Raptors’ alternate team colors and claw logo. Featured on the jersey’s neck liner and shorts’ draw strings is a mosaic of flag colors that represent the multinational makeup of the league’s players.

The NBA All-Stars will wear warm-ups that embrace Toronto’s winter fashion and style. Black and heather gray fleece jackets include star patches that acknowledge the number of NBA All-Star appearances for each player, while patches on the right zipper pocket note the game’s superlatives such as most valuable player, rookie of the year, ect.

A full range of NBA All-Star apparel will be available on NBAStore.com in Jarnary. Jerseys range from $70 to $110 and T-shirts from $20-$30.