Dallas Mavericks

Unwanted timeout throws Mavericks for a loop in loss

It may or may not have factored into the final outcome.

But there was a crucial play near the end of Saturday’s game between Dallas and Golden State at American Airlines Center that really irked the Mavericks.

Warriors guard Shaun Livingston was at the free-throw line with 48.9 seconds left and Golden State ahead 102-95.

Normally in such cases, the team not shooting the free throws will ask for a timeout. But apparently, the Mavs only wanted the timeout if the second free throw was good.

Livingston, however, missed both free throws. And when Monta Ellis rebounded and the Mavs were about to race down the court, referee Ben Taylor blew his whistle, stopping the action to give the Mavs a timeout.

Coach Rick Carlisle and the Mavs looked bewildered and insist they didn’t want a timeout in that situation. But after talking it over, the officials indeed gave the Mavs the timeout.

“It was miscommunication,” Carlisle said. “It was a misunderstanding that led to confusion.

“That’s all anyone needs to know about it. [Taylor is] a young guy, he’s working at it and it’s not his fault.”

When play eventually resumed, Ellis missed a 3-pointer, Richard Jefferson grabbed the offensive rebound and turned it over, and the Warriors preserved their fifteenth consecutive victory.