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Chandler Parsons: Mavericks felt disrespected by DeAndre Jordan

Dallas Mavericks Fans Prepare Not So Welcome Signs For Clippers Jordan

Dallas Mavericks fans Lizabeth Gonzalez and Keith Dunlap prepare not so welcome signs for Clippers player DeAndre Jordan before the Mavs Clippers game. Star-Telegram video by
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Dallas Mavericks fans Lizabeth Gonzalez and Keith Dunlap prepare not so welcome signs for Clippers player DeAndre Jordan before the Mavs Clippers game. Star-Telegram video by

No one was closer to the recruiting of Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan during free agency this past summer than Dallas Mavericks small forward Chandler Parsons.

As the Mavs’ No. 1 pitch man, Parsons did such a good sales job that Jordan committed to sign a free agent contract with the Mavs. But five days later when it was time to sign his contract, Jordan did a 180 and decided to re-sign with the Clippers.

Parsons admitted that Jordan, who he remains friends with, “didn’t do anything illegal.” Parsons just wishes Jordan would have called owner Mark Cuban and told him he changed his mind.

“Obviously I think we just felt a little bit disrespected with the way he handled it and just dodging us and not talking to us,” Parsons said. “Either way I think the fans would have booed him.

“I don’t think that would have changed even if he would have apologized and was upfront about it. I don’t think that would have changed it.”

Clippers C DeAndre Jordan plays the Mavericks in Dallas for the first time since he changed his mind on signing with the Mavs and opting to remain with the Clippers. (video by Mac Engel/Star-Telegram)

When the Mavs hosted the Clippers on Wednesday night at American Airlines Center, the fans did boo Jordan loudly during pregame introductions and every time he touched the ball. And even louder when he went to the free-throw line.

And the signs were plentiful through AAC. They included: “42% FT Shooter, 100% Coward,” “DeAndre Jordan You Have Failed this City,” and “Hey DeAndre My Word Is My Bond.”

When asked why Jordan couldn’t just pick up the phone and tell Cuban he was reneging, Parsons said: “That’s a tough conversation to have. It’s an awkward conversation.

“As a man, a businessman, you give a guy your word and you expect to own up to it. I’ve fired multiple people in my life and it’s a tough thing to do. It’s uncomfortable and no one likes to do it, but as an adult it’s something that you should do and have respect.”

Parsons knows all about being booed. He played three seasons for the Houston Rockets and got booed whenever he touched the ball last year when the Mavs played in Houston.

Clippers C DeAndre Jordan visits AAC for first time since backing out on free agent deal with Cuban and the Mavs. (video by Mac Engel/Star-Telegram)

“I deal with it in Houston every time I go back,” Parsons said. “That’s part of the game. That’s what makes it fun.”

What wasn’t fun for the Mavs is that while they were busy chasing Jordan this past summer, they lost Tyson Chandler to the Phoenix Suns via free agency. Cuban wouldn’t say specifically if he regretting losing out on Jordan and Chandler.

“Again, the regret part doesn’t work for me,” Cuban said. “I regret not re-signing Steve Nash [in the summer of 2004].”

No Cyber Dust

Cuban reiterated Wednesday that he will release the text messages he and DeAndre Jordan shared this summer — if he ever has a reason to.

“I had texts from his teammates at the time and I deleted those, and those were even more interesting,” Cuban said. “It’s just nice to have.

“Sometimes you keep things as a reminder in business — here’s the proposal I made that didn’t work, here’s the one I did that did work. Just reminds me of things, and if there’s ever a good reason to release them, I will.”

DeAndre Jordan Makes 1st Appearance at AAC as Clippers play the Mavericks. (video by Mac Engel/Star Telegram)

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