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Parsons brought his shoe game to the table

BEVERLY HILLS – Chandler Parsons gave his Dallas Mavericks teammates a little dose of Hollywood when he hosted a shoe launching party Friday night at the chic Saks Fifth Avenue in swanky Beverly Hills.

Parsons collaborated with Matthew Chevallard, the president and creative director of Del Toro Shoes, to create five shoes. Four of those shoes were on display Friday.

With a keen eye for fashion, Parsons wanted to create a product which anyone could wear.

"For every outfit that you bring, no matter what the outfit is and no matter where you’re going, you can wear one of the five shoes,’’ Parsons said. "If you want to wear shorts or jeans, or you want to go high class with a suit – whatever you’re going, wherever you have -- you can always wear one of these five pairs from the collection.’’

All 15 Mavs players attended the star-studded event except Dirk Nowitzki, who was in Phoenix on Friday for Steve Nash’s Ring of Honor ceremony. Coach Rick Carlisle and several members of his staff and the Mavs traveling crew also were in attendance.

In addition, Los Angeles Clippers forward All-Star Blake Griffin surprised a lot of folks when he showed up. Griffin, who is close friends with Parsons, pounded the Mavs for a game-high 26 points and 10 rebounds Thursday night when the Clippers drilled Dallas, 104-88, at the STAPLES Center.

Model Kendall Jenner also made an appearance, shook some hands and had her picture taken with Parsons. And NBA super fan Jimmy Goldstein rolled up in a Rolls Royce.

This is Parsons’ second time working with Chevallard on a shoe project.

Chevallard has even bigger plans for Parsons.

"I think Russell Westbrook, Chandler and Dwayne (Wade) are our main guys,’’ Chevallard said. "Chandler, I’ve been trying to help him off the court and develop him in a Tom Brady-esque way.

"I would really love for him to be the Tom Brady of the NBA. So this project will kind of solidify that and make it more of a reality.’’

Forward Jeremy Evans was all smiles when asked about Parsons’ shoes.

"I think it’s very artistic,’’ Evans said. "I’m an artist myself, so I’m trying to get into fashion myself and I really like what he’s doing.’’

Asked if he could see himself wearing a pair of Parsons’ classic shoes, Evans said: "Now I didn’t say that. But I think he rocks them really well.’’

Carlisle also believes Parsons has fallen into a fashion gold mine.

"I’m impressed,’’ Carlisle said. "Style and comfort, you can’t go wrong.’’

When asked if he would don a pair of Parsons’ shoes, Carlisle said: "Before tonight I would not have pictured myself in it. But you know me, I’m adaptable and very open-minded, so I’m warming up to it.’’

Like Parsons, Chevallard is from Florida, which is how the two of them first connected. Parsons also has done some modeling on the side.

"We’re friends first, and it was really a natural fit – the project,’’ Chevallard said. "We try to really align ourselves with leaders in whatever industry.

"Chandler’s definitely a great talent on the court, but I think especially off the court he has an unbelievable amount of potential. He’s a good-looking guy and very charismatic.’’

Parsons’ new shoes are part of the spring and summer collection of 2016 and will be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, and at Del Toro’s Wynwood boutique, and on both on their online stores.

"I’ve been cool with Matt now for three years, so it’s also beautiful to be able to work with friends,’’ Parsons said. "It makes it easy that way, and it’s just been great.’’

Parsons, who signed a three-year, $46 million contract with the Mavs in the summer of 2014, hopes to play Sunday against the Los Angeles Lakers. But he also knows he’s a long way from having a career in fashion full-time.

"Obviously (basketball is) my number one priority, but this is something that I’m very passionate about, and I love doing,’’ Parsons said. "What you wear and what you drive is all huge.

"Playing basketball, obviously it brings you so many things that you can do and puts you on a platform,’’ Parsons said. "Without basketball nobody would really care what I wore anyway.’’

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