Dallas Mavericks

Lakers’ coach says Mavs could be playoff team: ‘They’ve got some guys with pizzazz’

Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel thinks the Dallas Mavericks could make a playoff run soon.

This spring, not next season.

“I like what they’ve done with their team. I think they’re poised to take a big step,” Vogel said before his Lakers played the Mavericks Friday night at American Airlines Center. “When you have an elite play-maker like Luka Doncic and then you have shooters all around him, it just makes it harder to bring help, makes it harder to negotiate through coverages and to protect the basket.”

Vogal said Porzingis and Doncic carry a confidence about them that could rub off on the rest of the team. And it’s a roster, he added, that could prove to be deep.

“[Doncic] is a tough cover. It just surprises me that he’s so advanced for so young and early in his career,” he said. “They’ve got some guys with some pizzazz. They’ve got a swag about them that is contagious.”

He also praised Dwight Powell and Maxi Kleber as high-energy players and applauded the Mavs acquiring Seth Curry in the off-season.

“Their bench guys are winners too,” he said. “I love their depth too and they play with great energy. I think the Mavs have a real chance to be in the playoff mix for sure.”

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