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Video: Mavericks fan professes love for Nowitzki, defends Barea in post-wisdom teeth removal rant

Nothing goes together quite like anesthesia and sports fandom.

Just ask Dianne Garcia.

See, Garcia was on the way home from having her wisdom teeth removed. Before the operation she asked her roommate, who was doubling as her chauffeur for the morning, to capture her drug-induced behavior on video.

In an emotional, teary rant, Garcia professed her love for Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, calling him the greatest of all-time. She also praised the his loyalty to the organization and hopes that the future hall-of-famer will come back for one more year.

According to Garcia, everyone needs to find a boyfriend that is as loyal as Dirk is to the franchise that drafted him.

If the big German could sign her shirt, that would be great too.

The diatribe continued in a second video, where she criticized Washington Wizards’ point guard John Wall and defended Mavericks’ point guard J.J. Barea.

After the Mavericks smoked the Wizards on Monday night (98-75), Wall called Barea a “little midget.” Barea, who seems to be well-liked by fans and players around the league, had a pretty savvy response to Wall’s derogatory comments.

In a Twitter message, Garcia told the Star-Telegram that she started seriously following the team when she in 2010 when she was in high school, and that Nowitzki almost immediately became her favorite player.

Garcia also explained her reasoning for posting the two videos.

“I think I decided to post the videos because one, they were funny and all my friends kept asking to see it and I didn’t feel like individually sending it to them,” she said. “And I don’t remember much of that car ride home after surgery but I actually meant everything I said lol.”

As of yet, the face of the Mavericks’ franchise has not commented on the video, but he did like her post on Facebook.

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