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Curry noted it’s “a possibility’’ his injured left shoulder will require surgery

Special to the Star-Telegram

DALLAS – For now, Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry isn’t overly concerned about his left shoulder injury which forced him to sit out eight of this season’s final 10 games.

However, Curry didn’t rule out the possibility of surgery being used to rectify the situation.

"It still is a possibility, but I don’t think it’s necessary at this point," Curry said of surgery. "I think I’m going to rehab and get it stronger, get it better.

"I feel pretty good right now."

Initially, Curry’s shoulder injury forced him to miss the Mavs’ stunning 92-91 loss to Oklahoma City on Mar. 27, in which the Thunder scpored the game’s final 14 points. The combo guard came back and played the next two games against New Orleans and Memphis, but was limited to just 14 minutes in the Mar. 31 conrest against the Grizzlies after banigng his shoulder..

That wound up being the last game Curry played this season as the Mavs didn’t want to risk any further injury to his injured shoulder.

Curry said: "I’ve been doing some rehab over the past couple of weeks to get it better and get it moving."

Curry, however, doesn’t know what has to happen to let him know that he can avoid surgery and that rehabbing it will eventually solve his shoulder problem.

"To be honest. I’m just taking it day-by-day," Curry said. "The doctors and the trainers tested it out.

"Obviously I’m going to go hard throughout the summer and hopefully next month see how it feels when its getting banged on. But I’m not too worried about it. I’m confident that we’ll figure out what the problem is and get it right going into next season."

With Curry in the starting lineup for 34 games prior to the loss to Oklahoma City, the Mavs posted a 20-14 record. Overall, during his breakout season the 6-2 four-year veteran averaged a career-high 12.8 points, 2.6 rebounds and 2.7 assists in 70 games, including 42 starts

Prior to this year, Curry had played a total of only 48 games – with nine starts -- in three seasons while bouncing around the NBA and trying to find a suitable home for his skill set. That includes scoring a total of 302 career points before this year, while he almost tripled that total with the 898 points he tallied this season.

The Mavs took a big chance on Curry, signing him to a two-year, $6 million free agent contract last summer. But that gamble paid off handsomely as Curry wound up being a fixture in the Mavs’ offensive attack and is a focal point of what they desire to accomplish going forward.

"I feel comfortable,’ Curry said. "Obviously I’ve got another year on my deal, but I feel very comfortably here and hopefully I’ll play here for a long time."

Obviously grateful for the opportunity, Curry signed with the Mavs becaused he figured owner Mark Cuban and coach Rick Carlisle would give him an honest chance to display his talents.

"It’s a top-notch first-class organization," Curry said. “Coming into the season I heard a lot about them, the way things are run here and the professionalism – I really appreciated that throughout the year.

"It’s about winning. Coach and Mark do a great job of making that first and foremost and making that known. It was a great experience for me coming into this year and seeing the fans and how serious they are about the team is great also. They supported us throughout the year even though we had rough stretches and things like that, so we obviously appreciated it."

In all, Curry entered this season with just 713 career minutes under his belt. He wound up playing 2,029 minutes this season while taking on a much larger role than he’s even had.

"It was new territory for me, obviously, playing a lot of minutes consistently throughout the year," Curry said. "It was some stretches a couple of weeks when I was feeling a little tired.

"But I figured I got over the hump, I figured out some different routines and was able to figure ways to keep my body fresh and get ready for games. That’s just part of my learning experience throughout this year and I think it’s going to pay off for me in the long run."

Especially if his injured shoulder heals properly over the offseason.

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