Dallas Mavericks

Analysis: Cuban, staff keep fans engaged with clever moves, events

There are a number of reasons the Dallas Mavericks are honoring former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

He’s a pretty good football player. He’s friends with Dirk Nowitzki and a few of the other Mavs players.

And he’s a loyal fan who frequently comes to Mavs games and sits near the team’s bench.

The Mavericks plan to make Romo a Mav for a day when they host the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday. In a season that has gone oh so wrong, this is a perfect way to keep their name in the headlines during a time when no one would be talking about them.

Romo played 14 star-crossed seasons in the NFL – all for the Cowboys -- and announced he was leaving the NFL last week. He plans to now work for CBS during coverage of NFL games.

But before making that move, Romo will be in uniform – in a Mavericks uniform – and on the bench during the game against the Nuggets. Romo will go through the warm-up drills with his new Mavericks “teammates,’’ but he won’t get in the game.

Or will he?

Either way, making Romo a Mav for a day is an incredibly genius idea by owner Mark Cuban. The Mavericks are 32-48 and will miss the playoffs for just the second time in the past 17 seasons, and interest in the team had waned.

But never before has so much been written and said about a team headed to the Draft Lottery than it has been written and said about the Mavericks since they announced a little over 48 hours ago that Romo will don one of their uniforms.

Romo will address the media at the Mavs' shootaround at American Airlines Center on Tuesday morning. It's one of those basketball-questions-only news conferences.

But AAC still will be crawling with media. And I wouldn't be surprised if someone asks a football question.

Either way, this is a win for the Mavericks. Even in a down year, when they're 32-48, they've still managed to capture the headlines.

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