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Cuban did his own stunts in the movie Sharknado 3

DALLAS --- Mark Cuban has been and is involved in a lot of business ventures. But none seems to draw more pleasure for the Dallas Mavericks owner than one of his current ventures.

Cuban has taken on the role of the President of the United States in the new made-for-TV movie name Sharknado 3, and Ann Coulter is the vice-president. The movie also features Tara Reid, Ryan Newman, Bo Derek, Jerry Springer and Chris Jericho.

"I got to do my own stunts, I got to shoot a shotgun like multiple times,’’ Cuban said. "It was a couple scenes straight out of Terminator and Reservoir Dogs that were pretty funny.

"I tossed a grenade, I was just a bad-(guy) killing a lot of sharks, as I should be. Then I got to watch a lot of really famous people get eaten, which is even more fun, and then we saved the world.’’

Sharknado destroys Florida, and then goes to Washington, D.C., where sharks start falling from the sky. Cuban couldn’t reveal too much about the movie, but did say:

"The sharks aren’t there, so they’ll do the computer graphics to match whatever the person does. So there’s all these people and I’m just dying laughing because they’re on the ground flopping. . .and they’re falling, and I’m thinking oh my goodness, how funny is this.

"It was incredible that the graphics are going to be incredible. And yes, I’m a bad-(guy) and I save the world. It was fun.’’

Cuban said he filmed his portion of the movie in two days – 12 hours each day. So, did Cuban take over the White House?

"It’s my White House,’’ Cuban said. "Don’t come into my house and mess with the president.

"You get what you deserve.’’

Sharknado 3 will be released in July on the Syfy Channel.