Texas Rangers

Rangers spotlight: Butter coffee has Shawn Tolleson feeling Bulletproof

Nothing kick-starts a spring morning — or a major-league game — better for Texas Rangers closer Shawn Tolleson than the finest coffee beans from the highest elevations, ground and brewed to perfection, and mixed with a tablespoon of grass-fed butter and some coconut oil.

That concoction might sound familiar to those who are fans of Bulletproof Coffee, as Tolleson is. The trademarked beverage claims to help people lose weight and sharpen their minds, and as Tolleson generously brewed a cup, he said, “This is the best you will have ever felt.”

“It’s a delicious way to start the day,” Tolleson said. “It just gives you the good quality fat you need to start the day.”

One of the alleged benefits of Bulletproof Coffee is that the fat from the butter is healthy fat, and Tolleson said that the extra fat can assist in recovery from the previous day’s workout. The butter also helps suppress his appetite by creating the sensation that it has remained in his stomach much of the morning.

How does Bulletproof Coffee taste? It’s not like normal coffee, which Tolleson said he drinks in a pinch. For the anti-coconut crowd, it’s difficult to taste the oil. Anyone still leery of coconut can substitute something called “Brain Octane Oil,” available at bulletproofexec.com.

Or at Tolleson’s locker.

“This is serious coffee,” Tolleson said. “I brew it here in the clubhouse with my travel-sized French press, just like I do during the season before every game. It’s just how I start my day.”