Fort Worth salutes CBS sports producer, native son Lance Barrow

CBS sports producer Lance Barrow gets a chance to shared his hometown with viewers during the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial.
CBS sports producer Lance Barrow gets a chance to shared his hometown with viewers during the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Star-Telegram

Saturday’s third round of the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial will coincide with a day set aside in Fort Worth to honor one of its prominent citizens.

Lance Barrow Day in Fort Worth was made so by a proclamation approved unanimously on the dais of the City Council earlier this month to recognize the uncommon contributions of the native townsman.

Barrow, who still lives in Fort Worth, is a longtime producer with CBS, including coordinating producer for golf and NFL coverage. He was the lead producer for Super Bowl XLVII and XLIV.

“It’s extremely humbling,” said Barrow, who did his secondary schooling at Fort Worth Christian. “When you live and you’re from a place that you truly love it’s an unbelievable honor.”

Mayor Betsy Price said the idea was crafted from brainstorming session on how to “do something nice for Lance.”

“He has done so much for golf and CBS sports, but he never forgets he’s from Fort Worth,” Price said. “He talks about Fort Worth and he has [David] Feherty and them talk about Fort Worth. They show shots of the zoo and the museums, and [they do it] because he’s a Fort Worth boy.

“He kept saying, ‘I don’t deserve this.’ And we said, ‘yes, you do.’”

In a release from the city, the policy makers made the motion because of Barrow’s “dedication to showcasing Fort Worth citizens, businesses, restaurants, parks, museums and many other attractions to an international audience.”

Barrow got his start in the business at the Colonial as a college student at Abilene Christian in 1976. Network officials put him on the tower at the 18th green. In that capacity, he first met Pat Summerall, then the network’s lead golf play-by-play broadcaster.

“I was nervous as all get out,” Barrow said. “And Pat walked up and he looked like Goliath. I stood up and said ‘I’m Lance Barrow, I’m going to work with you this week. Any advice, anything you want to tell me.’

“He said, ‘Don’t get excited, don’t call me Mr. Summerall and hand me a beer out of that cooler.’”

And water, please

The spirit moves them on Colonial’s party base, No. 13, and this year the Ketel One Club has set up shop on the course’s prime real estate for revelry.

It’s big (30 feet-by-30 feet), climate-controlled and has a large front patio and bleachers for those who prefer their golf observation to include the elements. It has the vibe of a lounge or bar that has been relocated to the golf course with the flat screen TVs showing the golf and music playing inside.

“Colonial is a great fit for us,” said Cameron Colyer, vice president of Peter Jacobsen Sports, which is running the club. “The people in Fort Worth are so laid-back and fun and despite the rain, we've had an amazing turnout so far.”

While you’re there, try the specialty cocktail, the Ketel-based Citroen Tee Time. If you want to try it at home, that’s Citroen-flavored vodka, iced tea and fresh lemon juice.

Bottoms up.

Who’s your caddie?

That could be Quicken Loans. The caddie races are no more, but, in addition to Ketel One, there’s another good reason to stop by No. 13, the 190-yard par-3 with the lakeside green.

Patrons who register with a Quicken rep at 13 — you can also register at — will be part of a hole-in-one drawing if any of Colonial’s world-class competitors marks down the rarest number on a score card: 1. The payoff of a winning draw: your mortgage paid for one year by Quicken.

Of course, there’s nothing free in this world. The Quicken folks will no doubt use the information you give them for telemarketer target practice at dinnertime. (In fairness, we have no idea if they’ll do that. But from experience ….)

Signing up, though, also keeps you in the running for the drawing for the rest of the PGA season.

There’s another way to win, too. If a golfer hits within 7 feet of the hole, a drawing is held right then. Quicken will take care of one month’s mortgage. Over two days at Colonial, there have been 15 lucky one-month winners.


“Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, hey, hey, hey … good shot.”

— Bystanders at 13 serenading leader Kevin Na, whose tee shot settled 22 feet from the pin. He made that for his third birdie of the day.