Fort Worth salutes Lance Barrow on Saturday

Today’s third round of the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial will coincide with a day set aside in Fort Worth to honor one of her prominent citizens.

It’s Lance Barrow Day in Fort Worth, so made by a proclamation approved unanimously on the dais earlier this month to recognize the uncommon contributions of the Fort Worth native.

Barrow, who lives in Fort Worth, is a longtime producer with CBS, including coordinating producer for golf and NFL coverage. He was the lead producer for Super Bowl XLVII and XLIV.

“It’s extremely humbling,” said Barrow, who attended Fort Worth Christian. “I don’t know why or how the mayor and city council came up with that thought, but I appreciate it tremendously.

“When you live and you’re from a place that you truly love it’s an unbelievable honor.”

In a release from the city, the policy makers made the motion because of Barrow’s “dedication to showcasing Fort Worth citizens, businesses, restaurants, parks, museums and many other attractions to an international audience.”

“Lance is a dear friend to the city of Fort Worth,” said Mayor Betsy Price in the release. “His love for his hometown is evident in each and every broadcast that shows that world that Fort Worth is the greatest city on Earth.”

Barrow got his start at the Colonial as a college student at Abilene Christian in 1976. Network officials put him on the tower at the 18th green. In that capacity, he first met Pat Summerall, then the network’s lead golf play-by-play broadcaster.

“I was nervous as all get out,” Barrow said. “And Pat walked up and he looked like Goliath. I stood up and said ‘I’m Lance Barrow, I’m going to work with you this week. Any advice, anything you want to tell me.’

“He said, ‘don’t get excited, don’t call me Mr. Summerall and hand me a beer out of that cooler.’”