PowerHandz latest product working its way to golfers

During the 10 years or so that Darnell Jones was trying to play professional basketball, contemporaries would marvel at his training aid: a pair of “garden gloves.”

Jones had developed a concept to fashion weights into the gloves and then used them for ball handling drills and practice.

About a year ago, as more and more basketball players were asking how to fashion them and athletes from other sports such as golf were making inquires, Jones said he decided to develop a product that would take the self-engineering out of it.

“It wasn’t all that easy to do it with the garden gloves, so it just made sense for us to develop PowerHandz,” he said. “We were approached by former LPGA player Nicole Hage and that’s kind of where the golf part of this began.

“What we found was not only a need, but we had to fashion them differently than we were doing with our basketball and baseball products.”

What the gloves do is give a player the added weight to empower muscle memory and the ability to loosen the body sooner, similar to a baseball batter in the on-deck circle.

With the first basketball gloves on the market last July, PowerHandz has evolved into five different iterations of the glove, and the golf-specific ones are available at and

“The thing about the golf glove that was so interesting is that with the prototype, we were able to make some changes to accommodate comfort that isn’t a problem in baseball or football,” Jones said.

“But it was a problem that our brand ambassadors let us know prior to attending the PGA Merchandise show and we were able to make those changes.”

Jones said the prototype glove included weighting in the pinky and thumb, which made it initially less comfortable to grip.

By shifting the weights up and out of that area, golfers get the sensation of holding the club properly while getting ready to start their day.

On the instruction side, PowerHandz ambassador Mike Adams said he saw potential immediately in creating the kind of muscle memory that promotes swinging the golf club on the proper plane.

Golf Channel’s Martin Hall showcased the glove as well prior to the PGA Merchandise show.

“About 90 percent of our sales are to basketball players, but we feel like the baseball and golf markets give us a dynamic beyond what we might do in basketball,” Jones said.

Count the Dallas Cowboys’ J.J. Wilcox, Denver Broncos’ Wes Welker, boxers Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward as well as soccer’s Hope Solo among the athletes who have worked PowerHandz into their practice routines.