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Watch: Opponent of Texas AAU team involved in massive brawl with referees

A massive brawl broke out at an AAU tournament between players and refs.
A massive brawl broke out at an AAU tournament between players and refs. Courtesy of Doug Jones on Twitter at @djones8301

An AAU game ended with fighting on Sunday as members of Chicago's R.A.W. Athletics fought with referees at The Association tournament finals in Emerson, Georgia.

Houston Raptors coach Bobby Benjamin, whose team was the opposition, sent the clips of players assaulting officials to ESPN.

Chicago R.A.W coach Howard Martin told several outlets that the video does not tell the whole story. He also said he did not condone the actions of some of his players.

"At the end of the game, one of my players was complaining about a call," Martin told ESPN. "He made a comment to the referee. The ref didn't like it. So the other team inbounded the ball, walked it up, the ref said to my player, 'Say it again.' Then he T'd him up and kicked him out of the game. And he walked behind him, still having words. Then the ref pushed my player, and they squared up right by my bench. When they squared up, another one of my players jumped off the bench and took [the ref] down. We separated them."

But that's not how Benjamin saw it.

"The referee definitely didn't attack the kids," Benjamin told ESPN. "Absolutely not. Once things got going, and he was attacked ... he got assaulted. They were too outnumbered to even try to defend themselves."

Organizers of the event are reportedly reviewing the incident.