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UIL girls golf state tournament Round 1 results: Carroll, Grapevine golfers in the lead

Round 1 results of the UIL girls golf state tournament on Monday.

The final round will start on Tuesday.


Legacy Hills Golf Club, Georgetown

Team Standings

1. Austin Westlake 289

T2. Houston Memorial 300

T2. Southlake Carroll 300

4. Plano West 303

T5. Katy Seven Lakes 307

T5. McKinney Boyd 307

Individual Standings

1. Michelle Zhou, Southlake Carroll 4-under

2. Sadie Englemann, Austin Westlake 3-under

3. Trinity King, Arlington Martin 2-under

T4. Jennie Park, Hebron 1-under

T4. Haili Moore, Prosper 1-under

T4. Isha Dhruva, Katy Seven Lakes 1-under

T4. Madelyn Jones, Austin Westlake 1-under

T4. Zoe Slaughter, Houston Memorial 1-under

9. Hanna Liu, Austin Lake Travis Even

T10. Michelle Zhang, Plano West 1-over

T10. Jackie Nguyen, Houston Memorial 1-over


White Wing Golf Club, Georgetown

Team Standings

1. Frisco Lebanon Trail 307

2. Grapevine 308

3. Magnolia 315

4. Justin Northwest 317

5. Montgomery 322

Individual Standings

T1. Anna Takahashi, Grapevine Even

T1. Madison Phung, Frisco Lebanon Trail Even

T3. Maddi Olson, Abilene Wylie 1-over

T3. Gabriella Tomanka, Grapevine 1-over

T3. An Shelmire, Highland Park 1-over

T3. Gabbi Bentancourt, Frisco Centennial 1-over

T7. Remington Isaac, Montgomery 2-over

T7. Elise Parel, Kingwood Park 2-over

T9. Raeleigh Davidson, Frisco Liberty 3-over

T9. Kelly Dunn, Midlothian 3-over

T9. Ryan Ko, Frisco Lebanon Trail 3-over

T9. Halle Whitney, Magnolia 3-over


Plum Creek Golf Course, Kyle

Team Standings

1. Andrews 319

2. Lampasas 340

3. Midlothian Heritage 346

4. Argyle 347

T5. Melissa 349

T5. Salado 349

Individual Standings

1. Bohyn Park, Ranchview 10-under

2. Tristan Gabbard, Lamar Fulshear 2-over

T3. Alyssa Gerhardt, Andrews 4-over

T3. Katie Adelmann, Midlothian Heritage 4-over

5. Madelyn Reyes, Geronimo Navarro 5-over

T6. Skyler Strube, Andrews 6-over

T6. Ozlyan Juarez, Monahans 6-over

T6. Hannah Wood, Argyle 6-over

T9. Allee Mainord, Stephenville 8-over

T9. Cheryl Gauthier, Liberty Hill 8-over


Grey Rock Golf Course, Austin

Team Standings

1. McGregor 357

2. Lago Vista 369

3. Pottsboro 370

T4. Jacksboro 382

T4. Callisburg 382

Individual Standings

1. Mason Garrett, Mount Pleasant 4-over

2. Alli Reily, Pottsboro 7-over

3. Ida Hansen, Omaha Pewitt 9-over

4. Paige Gilstrap, McGregor 10-over

T5. Maggie Parmer, McGregor 11-over

T5. Brooke Hinerman, Keene 11-over

T5. Lyla Vaughn, Lago Vista 11-over

8. Kamryn Wood, Shallowater 12-over

9. Lindsey Bullard, Callisburg 15-over

T10. Lauren James, Diana New Diana 16-over

T10. Taylor Ancheta, Clyde 16-over


Roy Kizer Golf Course, Austin

Team Standings

1. Grapeland 334

2. Martin’s Mill 335

3. Normangee 361

4. Vega 372

T5. Stratford 373

T5. Quanah 373

Individual Standings

1. Mia Nixon, Martin’s Mill 2-under

2. Katelin Berry, Stratford 3-over

3. Maddie Barrinton, Olney 4-over

4. Kenley Nixon, Martin’s Mill 5-over

T5. Kaylei Richardson, Vega 7-over

T5. Cheney Boyd, Grapeland 7-over

T7. Razyl Yanez, Forsan 9-over

T7. Braydee Frederick, Normangee 9-over

9. Mary J. Watson, Grapeland 11-over

T10. Ellie Holt, Hico 13-over

T10. Carly Parker, Grapeland 13-over


Lions Municipal Golf Course, Austin

Team Standings

T1. Robert Lee 405

T1. Clyde Eula 405

3. Lenorah Grady 423

4. Garden City 424

T5. Sterling City 431

T5. Knippa 431

Individual Standings

1. Hannah Nimmo, Greenville Phoenix Charter School 6-over

2. Sierra Jameson, Matador Motley County 8-over

3. Mailey Paige Goodman, Clyde Eula 11-over

T4. Kami Woodman, Channing 13-over

T4. Logan Wood, Garden City 13-over

T6. Kelby Clawson, Robert Lee 17-over

T6. Scarlot Longoria, Sterling City 17-over

T8. Cassie Furry, Blanket 18-over

T8. Addi Harris, Happy 18-over

10. Anna Masonheimer, Clyde Eula 19-over

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