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Over 4,000 votes were submitted on Dallas’ new XFL team name. Here are the results

Bob Stoops introduced as the head coach and GM of DFW’s XFL team

Bob Stoops introduced as the head coach and GM of DFW's XFL team
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Bob Stoops introduced as the head coach and GM of DFW's XFL team

For the past week, we opened the polls to public: What would you like the name of Dallas’ new XFL team to be?

The league announced its launch late last year, and intends to start its regular season in Feb. of 2020. There are eight franchises which will play a 10-game schedule.

Former Oklahoma Sooners head coach Bob Stoops is taking over as HC and general manager.

The team will play at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

So what was the most popular choice: Bandits, Rattlers, Sprawl, Assassins, Gunslingers, Wranglers, Armadillos, Y’all, Giddy Ups or Desperados? Drum roll please....


Y’all 1970 votes

Gunslingers 500

Desperados 370

Giddy Ups 236

Wranglers 170

Other 167

Bandits 139

Assassins 119

Rattlers 107

Armadillos 102

Sprawl 36

We also gave you a chance to email suggestions. Here’s what we got:

Lariats, Latigos, Twisters, Tornadoes, Lonestars, Cattleman, City Slickers, Mustangs, Stangs, Starz, Horns, Silver Starz, Blue Stars, Bangers, Southern Riders, Southern Rydaz, Comrades, Skyliners, Compadres, Jaguarundis, Wildcats, Hogz, Javelinas, Copperheads, Canebrakes, Red River Hogs, Bucks, Indigos, America’s Team, Road Runners, Storm, Toros, Chaparrals, Rebels, Stallions, Regulators, Outlaws, Bulls, Stampede, Roughnecks, Rodeo, Gamblers, Wild Bulls, Mastodons, Ropers, Cavalry, Longhorns , Towers, Oilers, Ramblers, Scorpions

Personally our favorite email was: The Dallas Toll Roads...“no one gets though us without paying for it”

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