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UIL investigates after Burleson player suffers concussion during attack on football field

The UIL is investigating a targeting attack after a player for Waco University slammed and choked a Burleson player during a freshman game on Sept. 13. According to Fox 4 News, the Burleson player is Jagger Gower.

In one video captured from the game, a Waco player slams Gower to the ground during a kickoff and repeatedly slams his head and chokes Gower before walking off the field.

Once coaches realized what was happening, they ran onto the field to check on Gower.

The Waco player was ejected from the game and missed the first half of the next game.

The UIL issued a statement about the episode:

“The UIL is investigating the incident involving Waco University students during a football game against Burleson on September 13. A player ejected from a game is subject to a minimum automatic penalty. Any ejected football player must miss the rest of the game in which they were ejected plus the first half of the following game. The school and the local district executive committee have the authority to impose additional suspensions or additional penalties for involved students. The UIL State Executive Committee also has the authority to impose additional penalties. A State Executive Committee meeting for this case is not scheduled at this time, but may still occur in the future as the UIL continues to gather information.”

Multiple videos taken during the game have surfaced in which University players hit Gower with what appears to be unnecessary roughness.

Kyle DeBeer, a spokesman for the Waco school district said in a statement: “Obviously, we do not condone the behavior depicted in the videos posted on Facebook. We have high expectations for our student athletes, and when a student fails to meet them, there are consequences. In this situation, the player faced consequences mandated by UIL and additional consequences imposed by the district.”

Gower suffered a concussion.

“We are shocked that this incident happened to one of our players. As it unfolded, everyone observing was momentarily stunned. Our coaches quickly ran onto the field to intervene on behalf of our player,” said Mikala Hill, a Burleson school district spokesman. “The BHS athletic coordinator and the BISD athletic director both protested the incident with Waco ISD officials. Waco ISD assured our administrators that it would address this matter appropriately.”

Gower’s mother, Jennifer, posted on Facebook that she took her son to Ben Hogan Concussion Center in Dallas on Sept. 25. She did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Star-Telegram.

Here’s part of what she said in the post:

“I took my son to the Ben Hogan Concussion Center today to see if he’s good and can be released to play football again. Doctor said Jagger is not released yet. We go back next Wednesday. Looks like Jagger will not be able to play approximately three football games. However, the kid from Waco University High School (per UIL rules) only sat out half a game last week and was right back on the field. September 13, 2018 wasn’t just another night of football for our family. It a was a horrible night of targeting attacks on my son throughout a football game.”

I took my son to the Ben Hogan Concussion Center today to see if he’s good and can be released to play football again....

Posted by Jennifer Marie Gower on Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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