TCU baseball coach apologizes for negative comments regarding third assistant proposal

TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle clarified his sharp criticism toward Big 12 schools regarding the upcoming NCAA vote on whether to add a third full-time assistant coach.

Schlossnagle told the Star-Telegram following Sunday’s game that he felt the Big 12 should be supportive of the proposal, and that he was disappointed schools such as Texas and Oklahoma were opposed to it.

“In regards to a recent NCAA legislative proposal, I apologize for my negative comments about the Big 12 Conference and the University of Oklahoma,” Schlossnagle said Wednesday. “I’m very passionate in my belief that the proposal to add a third full-time assistant coach is very important to our sport and student-athlete welfare. However, it was inappropriate of me to identify another member institution by name and the conference as a whole in my frustration with the process.”

TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati is in full support of the SEC-led proposal, although TCU is reportedly among just four of the league’s 10 schools in support of it.

The proposal has become a significant talking point in recent days throughout the college baseball world, and it’s uncertain whether it will pass.

Kendall Rogers of reports that the ACC could be a “yes” vote, which may be enough to get the proposal passed.

Programs are currently allowed to have two full-time assistants and a volunteer coach.

The original proposal addressed only baseball programs, and the current one has been altered to include a third full-time assistant for softball programs. A handful of athletic directors have stated concerns over the softball portion of the proposal.

TCU does not have a softball program.

The new proposal would allow schools to add a third full-time assistant in baseball — and softball, if applicable — or turn the positions into graduate assistant or part-time roles. Schools would have the option of keeping the current structure of two full-time assistants and a volunteer coach as well.

Schlossnagle is passionate about the subject and feels baseball and softball programs already face an uphill battle.

Baseball has only 11.7 scholarships to divvy up among its players.

“This is a student-athlete welfare issue first and foremost,” Schlossnagle said on Sunday. “And then it’s an opportunity to develop young coaches. We do nothing in our sport to develop young coaches with the exception of this volunteer coach thing, which is a farce.”

Asked what a third full-time assistant would mean to his program, Schlossnagle said: “Everything. Coaching the team and taking pressure off the other coaches who have to do the bulk of the recruiting.

“We have to recruit these kids earlier and earlier, and go watch more and more games. But we also have to coach the team and give more attention to our players. If college baseball is going to continue to be about development, then we need more coaches — one more full-time coach — to develop coaches.”

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