TCU’s Gary Patterson on Jason Garrett’s punt decision: ‘Much is given, much is asked’

TCU coach Gary Patterson found himself defending a decision last month. Down two scores and facing a fourth-and-three late in the Texas game, Patterson opted to punt.

Many felt that signaled Patterson conceding the game with more 2:30 left. Patterson defended his decision afterward, pointing to a pair of timeouts the Frogs had left, and has continued to emphasize “playing to win” such as fake punt he had called during TCU’s 17-14 victory over Iowa State.

So Patterson understands the scrutiny surrounding Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. Garrett opted to punt in overtime when his team faced a fourth-and-1 in Houston territory. The Cowboys never got the ball back as the Texans put together a game-winning scoring drive.

Garrett’s decision has been second-guessed by many, including owner Jerry Jones and players saying they would have gone for it.

Patterson weighed in on DFW’s No. 1 football topic Tuesday.

“On his level, it is what it is,” Patterson said. “It’s kind of like when I punted on fourth down myself [at Texas]. That goes along with the job … It just goes along with the job. Much is given, much is asked.

“Most of us got in [coaching] for the right reason – we just like coaching ball, at least I do. You like coaching. You like what happens in practice and you like what happens in coaching ballgames. That’s what you do it for. You got into it for the kids. None of us like dealing with all the rest of it, but people pay good money to have an opinion. It is what it is.

“That’s not going to change. It’s probably going to get worse. It’s probably always been that way, they just had no outlet. Now they have an outlet. The world is their outlet.”

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