Big 12 title game tickets start at $90

Watch a recap of the TCU Horned Frogs’ 2017 football season

The Horned Frogs ended their season Nov. 24, 2017, with a win against Baylor at home. Look back at the road they took to get to 10-2.
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The Horned Frogs ended their season Nov. 24, 2017, with a win against Baylor at home. Look back at the road they took to get to 10-2.

If you so choose, you can watch the Big 12 championship game between TCU and Oklahoma at AT&T stadium in the comforts of bourgeois luxury.

It’ll only cost you $22,305. That’s available in both the Owners Club Suite and the Touchdown Suite at AT&T Stadium.

Though there are no doubt a few walking among us who could handle that, it appears it comes with 20 tickets. Your fraternity brothers could split. Just don’t invite the cheapies.

However, there are more practical ways to see the Horned Frogs and Sooners at 11:30 a.m. Saturday in the first Big 12 championship game since 2010.

If you are a TCU season ticket holder you likely already have tickets or received an offer for them through the school’s priority points system.

If you aren’t a season-ticket buyer, your best bet is StubHub, Ticketmaster, or the box office at AT&T Stadium.

Prices range from $90-$1,299.

And don’t forget the parking. Depending on where you find a spot, at AT&T Stadium that could seriously cut into your Christmas budget. Prices start at $23 on the secondary market.

But that’s the cost of doing business in college sports in the 21st century.

StubHub also has some suites listed for as low as $6,500.

But, it’s history you’ll be seeing, the first Big 12 Championship Game since the 2010 meeting between Oklahoma and Nebraska.

The Frogs were in the Mountain West then with an historic Rose Bowl game awaiting.

“I relish a chance to win a championship,” TCU coach Gary Patterson said. “What you get in this to do. It won’t be at their place. It’ll be 20 minutes down the road, and we have a chance to do it again.”

The game is a rematch of Oklahoma’s victory in Norman earlier this month.

A victory for TCU would spoil the Sooners’ chances of earning one of four berths in the College Football Playoff.

It would also almost assuredly get TCU back into the top 10 in the CFP rankings.

And, if the dominoes fall just right, who knows how high. Patterson recalled the first CFP in 2014. Then No. 3-TCU appeared to be a lock to get in after walloping Iowa State 55-3 in the regular-season finale.

But the Frogs fell to No. 6 in the final rankings.

That development immediately stirred talk of reincarnating the Big 12 championship game, the logic being the conference was hurt not having an extra game on the resume, like other Power 5 leagues. That despite the illogic of a championship game in a league with only 10 teams and one division.

So, here we are.

“There’s a lot of football to be played,” Patterson said. “If you remember right I went from three to six, and won 55-3. I can promise you there can be a lot of movement. Maybe we’ll go from eight to three.

“You know me, I don’t mind stirring it up a little bit.”

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