Jerry Jones says Dez Bryant will not be shut down: ‘We will go balls out with Dez’

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant doubled down on a frustrating and injury-plagued season with one of the worst performances of his career in a 28-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

He had one catch for nine yards on six targets. He also had two drops and one pass bounce off his hand for an interception.

After declining to talk about Bryant’s performance after the game, owner Jerry Jones opened up on the receiver’s play and disappointing season during his radio show on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday.

Jones blames his struggles on injuries and the lack of practice time dating back to the offseason when Bryant missed all of the workouts in a contract dispute.

But Jones said there is no real excuse for the woeful performance in Green Bay, especially for someone who just signed a $70 million contract extension.

“Dez is a passionate player,” Jones said. “He’s a passionate practice player. But he just hasn’t had enough (practice) to cope with what we need him to be doing right now,” Jones said. “Now, that was an aberration in my mind in Green Bay. I don’t know if it was the slick ball. I don’t know that anybody does. But whatever it was we shouldn’t expect to have that kind of result or that kind of performance from Dez.”

Jones said the missed practice time that Bryant has had during the offseason, training camp and much of the season because of injuries is a big reason why the team has no intention to shut him down over the final three games, even though the 4-9 Cowboys are all but out of playoff contention.

“Shut him down? No,” Jones said. “He’ll be a very important part of what we initiate and what we hope we’re still doing. We will go balls out with Dez.”