Cowboys sticking to nameless, faceless DeMarco Murray script

DeMarco Murray plays for the Eagles now, and the Cowboys insist they’ve moved on from him, too.
DeMarco Murray plays for the Eagles now, and the Cowboys insist they’ve moved on from him, too. AP

The Cowboys certainly have their lines down pat when it comes to facing former running back DeMarco Murray in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Never mind that Murray served as the identity of the team’s physical football team last year, rushing for a franchise-record 1,845 yards to help power the Cowboys to a 12-4 record.

Never mind that he is still close personal friends with many Cowboys, especially quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten.

Coach Jason Garrett has preached to his team since the offseason about treating everyone as a nameless, faceless opponent and focusing on themselves. That attitude is being put to the test this week, and the Cowboys are sticking to the script.

Asked about if it would be strange seeing Murray on the other side, wide receiver Cole Beasley said, “No, they are just all green man.”

Romo avoided all questions about the former running back.

“I’m watching tape of [Philadelphia ‘s] defense,” Romo said. “And I’ve got to figure them out. They have a couple of new wrinkles that I’ve got to get down by the end of the week. And they’re a great unit, so we’ve got to get prepared for them. As far as the other stuff, that’s for you guys really.”

Witten did open up about how much he respects Murray as a person and as a player. But he reiterated that the Cowboys are on a business trip and not a reunion game with friends. Former Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin also now plays for the Eagles.

“[Murray] plays for the Eagles. There is no reunion to this deal,” Witten said. “We are all good friends. It ain’t about that. They would say the same thing. Let’s not make it bigger than what it is. It happens all the time in the NFL. Let’s go on. It’s not a lot to talk about. We are going up there to win a football game. That’s what we have to focus on not anything else.”