Cowboys were flat in first practice against the Rams, Dez Bryant not pleased

Maybe the Cowboys took coach Jason Garrett’s warnings of not fighting in their joint practices against the St. Louis Rams just a little too literal.

Per a source, Garrett criticized his team for being flat on Day 1 of the two-day workouts against the Rams.

Of course, it wasn’t just Garrett who felt that way. The Rams played with more intensity than the Cowboys by all accounts on Monday.

Sure, there were a couple of minor skirmishes but the practice lacked the passion of the team’s work against the Oakland Raiders last year, or what they had done on the practices against each other the first three weeks of camp.

The Cowboys plan to pick it up tomorrow.

“It’s got to,” receiver Cole Beasely said. “I don’t think we played to our potential today. I don’t think we were happy with what we put on film today. We have to come and grind tomorrow.”

One Cowboys staffer surmised that the Rams were fresher because they hadn’t really done anything since their preseason game against the Oakland Raiders on Friday night.

The Cowboys had two full practices on Saturday and Sunday.

Still, none of that mattered to receiver Dez Bryant, who got on his teammates, especially the fellow receivers, for their play in practice.

“We need to play better as a group,” receiver Terrance Williams said. “There were some passes that we needed to make the play. That was what Dez was saying.”

Said Beasley: “He was upset at the group. There were some plays we let slip away. We got to have a better mentality and better approach tomorrow and come out here and work.”

Vice president Stephen Jones heard Bryant over the usually loud cursing defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. He said maybe it’s good that Bryant was injured and unable to practice, or it may have caused more fighting as well as more intensity.

“I heard him, believe it or not, even over Rod,” Jones said. “Usually you don’t hear anybody over Rod. Obviously Dez is a competitor and I’m sure he’s dying to be out there. It’s probably a good thing he wasn’t out there today. He probably didn’t need that. It was good for him to have a break today.”

As far as the players who were healthy and participating, running back Joseph Randle said it best: “It just got started. We’ve got to finish it tomorrow.”