Dez Bryant’s tight hamstring not deemed serious

OXNARD, Calif. Receiver Dez Bryant gave the Cowboys a brief scare when he started grabbing his left hamstring after making a catch during a 7-on-7 drill in practice Thursday.

Bryant caught a touchdown pass between two defenders and then dunked over the goal post. He ran a route on the next play, but didn’t feel quite feel right.

He was grabbed his left hamstring and was looked over by athletic trainer Jim Maurer, who eventually took his helmet and ruled Bryant out for the rest of practice.

"I’m going to get it checked out but it’s nothing major," Bryant said to reporters after practice.

He later tweeted: "I’m Cowboysnation don’t worry."

Vice President Stephen Jones said he believes Bryant is going to be fine as well but didn’t deny being a little worried.

"Oh, anytime one of your good players is in a situation you certainly (worry), for that matter any player," Jones said. "But someone like Dez, of course, it does. But I think he’s going to be fine."

Bryant said he didn’t injured the hamstring on the dunk. But owner Jerry Jones acknowledged he rather not see him do it in practice.

"Not at all," the elder Jones said with a smile. "I know he can get there. I'd rather he come out here and do some hat tricks with that hat he had on after practice."