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Get kids vaccinated; need more shelters; signs of danger

Get kids vaccinated

I doubt many people have seen a child suffering from polio paralysis.

I have.

The same goes for children — including me many years ago — affected by measles, and the potential long-term adverse consequences of this and other childhood diseases.

The reason for this unfamiliarity is clear. Starting over 50 years ago, vaccines, including Dr. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine, became widely available. These diseases were essentially eradicated in the U.S.

Why any parent would make the decision not to have their children vaccinated is mind-boggling.

Every legitimate medical study shows vaccines are safe and prevent diseases. Also, why would they knowingly risk transmitting contagious diseases to others?

I have no ax to grind other than recalling the absolute fear parents and children had of these diseases many years ago and seeing the effects first hand.

If you want a real-time reminder, go on social media and view the images of these diseases in places like India. Then ask yourself, are you willing to risk your child’s health and future by not getting vaccinated?

Are you willing to be the cause of spreading a contagious disease to others?

An old saying is apropos: Your rights end where my nose begins.

— William S. Taylor,


Need more shelters

A recent Dallas Morning News editorial tells what Dallas is doing about the overabundance of unwanted dogs and cats.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings spearheaded this venture with GrowSouth efforts. I’d like to see our Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price step up and do the same thing, and not just copy but improve upon the plan.

She has she same resources as the Dallas mayor and can be more successful, and monies from the savings would be self-financing.

One thing is for certain: There are very many volunteers who would help.

My wife and I operated “Pet Lovers Rescue” for over 15 years and know the problems, and the major problem is not just in the city but in the surrounding ranches and counties where there are no shelters.

Someone has to control the overpopulation.

— Romeo D. Cervini, Joshua

Signs of danger

The “No solicitation from the roadway” signs need to be where they can be seen by the drivers and the solicitors.

The placement should be on the driver’s side. I have called the number given to me by TXDOT to report this problem. Nothing has been done to correct the placement.

One example of this misplacement is at the intersection of Eastbound I-20 service road and Bryant Irvin Road. The solicitors have worn a path along the drivers’ side of the road.

I almost hit a person coming in-between cars when the light changed.

— Cheryl Fortner, Benbrook


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