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Poor negotiators; new courthouse; crazy state

Poor negotiators

Will the administration “negotiators” in talks with Iran be the same ones who did the five-Taliban-for-one-Army-deserter deal?

These people obviously have no clue that the purpose of deal-making is to get something in return, preferably of equal or greater value.

Just one Taliban warrior should have sufficed.

These “negotiators” won’t have a chance against the religiously motivated zealots in Iran, and Congress probably could add some much-needed skill to what will otherwise turn out to be a bad deal for America.

Churchill said, “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.”

Sounds a lot like the Obama Administration.

— R.H. Gruy, Granbury

New courthouse

Jan. 23 was a truly special occasion. We welcomed over 450 people including elected officials, community and business leaders and representatives from seven area chambers of commerce, to celebrate the grand opening of the new Tarrant County Northeast Courthouse.

This moment was the culmination of four years of planning and design to deliver a more customer-friendly experience. The new courthouse includes an expanded tax office, the Precinct 3 county commissioner’s office, the county clerk, constable, justice of the peace, the Tarrant County Credit Union and a community room.

From the “points of pride” showcasing our local communities throughout the courthouse to the historical display in our atrium, we highlight what has made Northeast Tarrant County exceptional. At the same time, we have raised our ability to serve our residents and businesses in a more positive atmosphere.

Your new courthouse is open for business. Please come see us.

— Gary Fickes, Southlake

Crazy state

U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., is quoted as saying that “Texas is a ‘crazy state’” and that Rep. Michael Burgess can “wait until hell freezes over” for Hastings to “say anything in an apology.”

Hastings’ vitriol warrants nationwide censure. Saying that Texas is a “crazy state” is analogous to labeling a race of people as stupid.

Neither statement is becoming of a member of the U.S. House.

Hastings’ reluctance to apologize to the people of Texas through one of their U.S. representatives demonstrates an arrogance beyond the initial statement that borders on contempt for fellow citizens.

It is said that ignorance can be fixed but stupidity is forever. Which is it for you, Congressman Hastings, ignorance or stupidity?

— Antonio M. Lopez Jr.,

Fort Worth

Burgess and Rep. Pete Sessions are right. Texas is not crazy.

It’s just that section of the electorate that keeps sending to Congress the crazies who consider making political points against a president they hate more important than taking into account the well-being of fellow Texans.

Those fellow Texans now have affordable access to health insurance that was previously beyond their reach for a variety of reasons.

And as Hastings acknowledged, his state also has an excess of such voters.

— Charles Alexander,



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