Letters to the Editor

Clinton and the FBI

The potential 2016 presidential candidate's profile page shows the infamous photo of the stern-looking Clinton wearing dark sunglasses and reading her Blackberry.
The potential 2016 presidential candidate's profile page shows the infamous photo of the stern-looking Clinton wearing dark sunglasses and reading her Blackberry. AP

Clinton and the FBI

The FBI director announced to the world that Hillary Clinton and many of her associates are liars and, at best, “extremely careless.”

Basically, they are liars and incompetent.

But 40 percent of U.S. voters will still vote for her, although they have no reason to trust her, her judgment or that of her associates.

Lloyd Christensen,



You don’t suppose the FBI is afraid of Hillary, do you?

No doubt she will become president and could wreak her vengeance on Jan. 21.

On the other hand, we still have four months to anticipate the next illegal executive order from President Obama.

Don Phillips, Fort Worth


The FBI director said that Hillary Clinton was guilty of “careless” handling of classified material, an action that would bring mortals to their knees.

For a service member, the path is straightforward: loss of clearance, judicial or nonjudicial punishment, potential service separation and, if he or she survives all that and remains in the service, zero promotion potential and throw-away assignments.

It seems that Clinton will be the next president, so she will need the highest security clearance.

Because careless handling of classified material is an automatic disqualification for a clearance, who will validate a new or updated clearance?

Certainly not a career bureaucrat. Most likely the first political appointee in the chain, because they have a cavalier attitude about the law.

There are, indeed, two classes in this country: the people and the elites, and never the two shall meet.

William S. Taylor,



I was saddened to watch FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch remove the blindfold from Lady Justice.

She’s now able to give a wink and a nod to whomever has power.

I’ve witnessed “justice for all” suffer a brutal blow.

Jan Breen, Arlington

“Intent” now overrides the laws of our land.

In that case, I want that “F” I received in Business Law to be changed to an “A.” I didn’t intend to get that “F.”

Maybe I was a tad careless, but I might have been on the honor roll had that grade been changed because of professors misreading my intent.

Marshall Stewart,

Fort Worth


The director of the FBI sent a mixed message to the public.

Gen. David Petraeus had no intention of exposing top secrets, but he was prosecuted.

Seems like a double standard. But then he was not a Democrat running for president.

Tom Stamey, Fort Worth


As an aircraft commander with a top-secret clearance, had I done a fraction of what Clinton did, I would be in Leavenworth or executed for treason.

But she might be our next president. God help us!

Dale E. Peterson, Keller


First it was the “conservative” chief justice upholding Obamacare.

Now it’s the “straight-shooting” FBI director laying out a great case for holding Hillary Clinton criminally responsible for her email scandal, only to declare that “no reasonable prosecutor” would file that great case.


Now I understand why Hillary flew with President Obama, why Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton, and why Lynch said she would accept the FBI’s decision.

I call to order this meeting of the Liars Club.

James E. Cook,

Trophy Club


The Hillary “fix” is in.

Joseph Ansley,

Fort Worth