Letters to the Editor

Was the Brexit outcome a preview of our own election in November?

British voters ignored warnings about dire consequences and shocked their nation’s political system by voting to pull out of the European Union, the so-called “Brexit” referendum.

The buildup to the British vote showed elements of the same feelings that have pulled U.S. voters to Donald Trump — a populist “put citizens first” attitude, fear-mongering, hostility toward political elites, a surge in nationalism and a backlash against immigration.

Is Brexit a preview of what’s coming to the United States in November?

Will an angry electorate propel Trump to victory?


Trump has aligned himself with the British who voted to leave the European Union. Supporters should consider the result.

The decline in value of the British pound has raised the cost of goods for every British citizen, the equivalent of a tax increase for everyone regardless of income. U.K. citizens will find it harder to work, study or even travel to 27 other nations.

Protectionism can lead to severe economic, social and national security consequences. Brexit favors Trump only for those who want to try this at home.

Karen Myers, Fort Worth


I’m British citizen living legally in Fort Worth. I voted to get out of the European Union.

England is a small country swamped at 40 million people. Now it’s at more than 60 million people.

The health system is overloaded, and wages have been driven down by an influx of people from other countries. The EU told us what fruits and vegetables we could grow and took the taste out of our Stilton cheese.

I’m certain that other countries will want out and regain their nationality. Give someone else a chance at the presidency and make America strong in the eyes of the world.

If things don’t change here, I see a revolution coming.

Alexandra Wolf, Fort Worth


The British vote to exit the EU makes it clear that Trump has more than a fighting chance.

Hillary Clinton is the world’s only hope for avoiding total chaos.

Michael Serrapica, Hurst


A primary reason that Britain voted to exit the European Union was immigration.

A requisite to become a member of the EU was to allow “free movement” from 27 other countries so their citizens could come and go as they pleased to the U.K. It turned out the U.K. became overwhelmed with a surplus of immigrants that ultimately sapped resources and money.

Trump is going to win the presidency, not based on fear-mongering, xenophobia or the Brexit movement. Our government needs a pulse, and Trump is going to be the heartbeat of the movement to restore our country to greatness again.

Delbert Cantrell, Fort Worth


The British have shot themselves in the foot, perhaps both feet. In short order, they will come to regret Brexit as their economy slides into recession and businesses suffer for loss of markets.

Their money will lose value, their travel will become harder because of passport restrictions, their influence in Europe and around the world, not all that important now, will decline.

Americans should take an important lesson. Globalization, world trade, movement of people, technological advances are here to stay. The clock is not going back.

Dick Weintraub, Arlington


Borderless nations cannot last as such, and they create problems for other nations in the union.

Germany allowed thousands of “refugees” to enter. Without borders, those migrants move around at will to other countries, which then have no choice to accept or decline.

Ditto for our nation. Trump gets this.

Eva Snapka, Arlington


The Trump movement and Brexit share a common theme of deceit. Brexit leaders lied about the economic benefits of leaving the EU, just as Trump has lied about how his tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and corporations will benefit us all.

I’m proud that most Americans seem to see through the pseudo populism of Trump, and instead come to recognize that ignorance and racism have no place in America.

Fear-mongering may work in Europe, but we have to push back against it here at home.

Blerim Elmazi, Arlington


The middle and lower classes voted Britain out. This is similar to the possibility that Trump may get elected because the common-sense voters are fed up with the present administration and the GOP representatives who failed to deliver on their promises once elected.

The administration that can lead this country out of the mess it’s in will be a savior for America and the rest of the world. Otherwise, the only way to recovery is by revolution.

Grady Fuller, Kennedale


Post-election data say it was “born and bred” Brits who wanted out!

Those who voted to stay clearly have reasons to want to assist their families to join them in the U.K. Staying in the EU ensures free movement of people — a positive in that group’s eyes!

Now comes an almost identical issue in our November election. Just as the U.K. has many “free” goods and services once you are a citizen, the same thing is available here in food stamps, emergency healthcare, Section 8 housing and all the rest. Our southern border sees a plethora of people coming here for the same reason.

Whichever candidate can describe the above in the best manner will “sweep” the November election.

Don Pittman, Arlington


Judging from post-election Brexit reports out of England, the election of Trump as president would be buyer’s remorse deja vu all over again.

Don Woodard Sr., Fort Worth


The Brexit vote is a preview. But the part that should teach us a lesson is the “what have we done?” aftermath.

People voted “leave,” assuming it was a meaningless protest to express general discontent.

Elections have consequences. Never cast a vote purely as a protest. Vote only for something you’d like to see happen.

Don’t vote for Trump to send a message unless you actually want Trump to be president.

George Michael Sherry,

Fort Worth


U.S. politicians will ignore the Brexit vote at their own peril. Trump has tapped into the anger, distrust of government and resentment at having traditional values disparaged at every turn that many Americans feel.

I’ll hold my nose and vote Trump in November. He’s the lesser of two evils.

Troy Worthy, Hurst


Brexit may be a preview of what will lead Trump to victory. Most Americans are fed up with career politicians who have not exercised their authority to stop Obama’s illegal actions.

Walter H. Delashmit, Justin


Brexit was a citizens’ statement on government dissatisfaction, not just immigration.

Here, the November election will be at least half about disgust with the political system we’ve foisted upon ourselves. For years, our disinterest in our own government has allowed an elite class to grow and dominate the “jobs program” that civil government has become.

With about 22 million government employees, America Inc. is our largest employer.

Eric J.M. Jensen, Arlington