Letters to the Editor

Is the ethnicity of a judge important in giving fair treatment to Trump?

Donald Trump said Mexican-American U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the presiding judge in a lawsuit against Trump University, is biased because of his heritage.

Trump’s comment referring to the Indiana-born judge as “Mexican” has renewed debate over race and culture.

Was it wrong to identify an American of Hispanic descent by his parents’ national origin?

Is our cultural heritage — in Texas, predominantly Hispanic, English, German, Scot-Irish, American Indian or African- or Asian-American — something to be put aside or celebrated?


The insinuation that the judge was singling out Trump because of his “views” on immigrants is a travesty.

What ever happened to the melting pot making America great??

Alfred del Castillo, Fort Worth


A silver spoon does not translate into one possessing an abundance of common sense.

We have gone from the land of “Milk and Honey” to the land of “Ilk and Money.”

Charles Ray Wells, Alvarado


Trump’s problems regarding Trump University are political.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel is just the agitator in the mix and is being used as propaganda to discredit and pillory Trump.

Delbert Cantrell, Fort Worth


It seems that the judge is a supporter of La Raza, as well as other radical Latino groups.

I don’t see any difference between Trump pointing out the obvious and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor telling us we need another liberal “wise Latina” on the court.

Corbin Douthitt, Hurst


Trump’s comments regarding a judge are not newsworthy.

The Republican nominee will have every comment he makes exploited by the media. The president and the nominee for the socialist party will furnish the fuel for the media.

The socialist nominee has her own problems with the FBI. The president will do his best to keep that low in the media, as he has throughout his employment.

The race card will again be used, along with her gender. It worked for Barack Obama.

Jack O. Lewis, Haltom City


That the presumptive presidential nominee for the conservative Republican Party would comment on the ethnicity of a judge, any judge, is so un-American as to be laughable.

But when that judge is officiating in a civil suit against this nominee involving millions of personal dollars, it is downright dangerous. It is fascism and racism at its worst.

There are no Hispanic or pink or Islamic or white or black judges. There are only two classes of judges, good or bad.

David Perkins, Fort Worth


Americans should be proud of their heritage, but they shouldn’t place their cultural heritage above loyalty to the United States.

The U.S. has been called the world’s melting pot. Whether it’s Native Americans who were here first or any naturalized citizen, we are one country with one goal — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When these are violated, Americans should put aside their differences and come together to combat those who seek to destroy our way of life.

Edward Lindsay, Fort Worth

It seems that many use their ethnicity to their advantage if they are insulted by someone and cry foul. But when it’s a useful tool, nary a word from these same people.

Is the judge any less Mexican than anyone else coming from another ethnicity that makes this country diverse?

It seems that the judge has many affiliations that are strictly for people of Mexican descent.

Nothing to see here but more nonsense over nothing!

Cherita Goodman, Mansfield


All cultures are not alike. Some are more aggressive than others.

Today, Mexicans who have no past history of living in this part of North America come here, bypassing legal entrance requirements, get benefits, wave Mexican flags and try to change us into being Mexico.

If they left Mexico’s problems, why do they want to change us to be like Mexico?

Some cultures are aggressive and possibly biased. I feel Trump gets this.

Eva Snapka, Arlington


Many terms for minorities are used in a hateful manner.

Judge Curiel said the release of Trump University records was needed because “the case involves issues important to the public.”

Trump questioned whether Curiel’s Hispanic heritage made him biased and called the judge a “Mexican” and “a hater of Donald Trump.”

Trumps wants “the good old days,” when racism was the norm. My family is Native American. I’m a combat-disabled Korean War veteran, and when I went back to college, we were discriminated against in housing, dining and other areas.

Mitt Romney is right when he says Trump would damage race relations with “trickle-down racism.”

Edward V. Harris, Hugo, Okla.


Trump’s a psychopath, but he’s not always wrong.

For most of us, our ethnicity is trivial. We celebrate it in trivial ways — cuisine, holidays, etc.

But some groups cling to their ethnicity: they speak a separate language, they listen to separate music, they live within a separate subculture.

Their ethnicity defines them. They have ethnic caucuses in our legislatures, ethnic employee organizations within our police departments.

They expect the larger society to cater to them. They demand that political districts be drawn so they can elect one of their own. They demand public documents in their languages.

They separate themselves. They wallow in group solidarity. They impose a test on each other: Are you authentically [fill in the blank]?

They have given mainstream society every reason to wonder if they are for all of us, or if they are only for themselves.

George Michael Sherry,

Fort Worth


Much like his casino venture, Trump is trying to get out.

He figures if he does something stupid enough, the GOP will blow him out and get a real candidate. But, as fast as he “stupids up,” his followers cheer him on.

If he were to act like a responsible candidate, he’d have no following. He’d just be another politician that pocketed undeserved betterment by taking advantage of the populace.

So, voters, what do you want in your GOP candidate, an idiot or a thief?

Bill Nelson, Arlington


The thin-skinned Trump is arguing that Judge Curiel, as a first-generation Mexican-American, is Mexican rather than American and cannot qualify to be a judge.

Hillary Clinton is right. Trump does not have the temperament to become president.

If Trump is the best the GOP can offer, there’s no reason to conduct an election in November because the Republicans have no one qualified to offer.

Hillary should simply accept the office.

Richard Brewer, Fort Worth


What does the face of a judge look like?

The politicians can’t even decide on a Supreme Court nominee — too liberal, too conservative — and now they’re going to race and cultural heritage to further the divisions.

Why can’t we celebrate our many racial and cultural heritages as one nation grounded in constitutional law and a shared history.

Sarah Dolbier, Fort Worth