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Pipeline problems; tax the rich

Pipeline problems

Last week, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the GOP was “voting to bury Democratic amendments seeking to require that the oil pumped through the (Keystone XL) pipeline stay in the U.S. and that only American iron and steel be used in its construction.”

The same article also detailed how Canada went to court to use eminent domain to basically steal and potentially pollute the land of 86 Nebraska landowners who didn’t want to sell.

Could it possibly be that our dedicated public servants have a more vested interest in pandering to a couple of billionaires who paid for their campaigns and who coincidentally own not only the refineries but a vast portion of the tar sands than they do in lessening the need for imports and creating jobs for the average American as per their mantra?

— Edward C. Wyman, Fort Worth

Tax the rich

Con Shuck asks, “Am I middle-class?” (Letters, Friday).

He is to be commended for the life he has lived.

Like him, I have worked hard since a teenager. I was proud to serve in Korea as a combat infantryman and am a disabled veteran.

I, too, retired on Social Security and the only government aid is my service-connected disability, which I applied for in my late 70s.

I had the experience of growing up in the Great Depression, like his father, but with probably more horrible experiences of starvation and sickness without access to medical care.

Therefore, I have empathy for all people that suffer.

The rich are getting richer and the poor and middle class poorer. Our system is broken and needs fixing, including more taxes on the rich.

— Edward V. Harris, Hugo, Okla.


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