Letters to the Editor

Global warming questions; Stock Show tradition; pipeline problems

Warming questions

Regarding 2014 as the warmest on record (”2014 was hottest year ever recorded on Earth,” Jan. 16): The key word here is recorded, which goes back to 1880, about the time the “Little Ice Age” ended.

We have been gradually warming ever since. The claim also conveniently dismisses the 1930s, when high temperature extremes were recorded that have never been equaled.

This is curious, since we had less than half today’s population, one-tenth the cars and much of the nation had no electricity.

Air conditioning and air travel were but a fraction of today’s.

The folks at government-funded NASA and NOAA cannot refute the man-made global warming hysteria, which is about separating you from your dollars and conveying enormous power to the government to decide whom to punish or reward with carbon taxes.

One thing for sure, we’ll all be poorer.

— R.H. Gruy, Granbury

Stock Show tradition

I remember when I did not have to watch TV or read the newspaper to know that the Fort Worth Stock Show was in town.

The employees of all businesses in Northeast Tarrant County wore their western clothing. I saw this everywhere — at the grocery, restaurants, barber and beauty shops, business and government offices.

I don’t see this western wear today.

This is Texas! People like to wear their western cowboy clothes.

Why did we stop this great tradition? We need to support the traditions of our culture.

Let’s bring this tradition back.

— Geraldine Orr,

North Richland Hills

Thank you socialism

I really appreciate Social Security, Medicare, ACA, public roads and bridges, policemen, libraries, schools, parks and firemen. All these things have made life great and I’m happy to pay my fair share to support them.

So conservative Republicans, quit talking about socialists like they are the boogeyman. And neither are they anything like communists.

Socialism is everyone participating and paying their share.

Thanks, socialism.

— Helen L Martin, Bedford


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