Letters to the Editor

Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick

I was disappointed by your Wednesday editorial “Radioman, butt out of Fort Worth schools.”

You used the term “Radioman” pejoratively five times. In doing so, you’ve abandoned any right to suggest that others discuss issues civilly and without name-calling or other invective.

This effectively condoned anyone who refers to the president as a “community organizer” rather than by his elected position.

We may all disagree with someone’s statements and positions. But when we resort to name-calling, the discussions stop. We should expect more from the editorial board of a major newspaper.

John Penn, Fort Worth


The Editorial Board sounds like a schoolyard bully by referring to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as “Radioman.”

Let’s act like adults. The board telling Patrick to butt out of the Fort Worth school district’s business was childish at best. The name-calling was much like a current presidential candidate.

The entire subject rests on the fact that five students in the Fort Worth district have been identified as transgender. Why doesn’t the district meet the needs of the small number affected by advising them to use the restroom in the nurse’s office if they aren’t comfortable using the restroom of the sex they were born with?

Restrooms have stalls with doors. In all my life, I’ve never seen a woman in a restroom stall with the door open.

This grandstanding on both sides of the issue illustrates how totally void of common sense we’ve become. The district forums are ludicrous because the superintendent has said the policy will not change. So what’s the point of all this hand-wringing?

Carol Guarnieri,

Fort Worth


We need to remember that Dan Patrick hates public schools. He’s using the made-up transgender bathroom issue to generate support for vouchers, which he’s already vowed to push again in the next legislative session.

It’s hard to believe that anyone can’t see through his transparent political motive.

We ask a lot of our schools, including that they educate every child who comes to them. To do that, they must create an environment where the kids — all of them — feel safe. That’s what the district and Superintendent Kent Scribner are trying to do.

Instead of being abandoned, Fort Worth’s policy should be copied nationwide as a rational model for how to deal with this tiny, vulnerable minority.

Bob Buckel, Azle


Please be advised that all Americans do not embrace the liberal lifestyle of the LGBT community. Many Christian families do not agree with turning our schools into melting pots of evil.

Leave the school restrooms and locker rooms alone.

Sandy Russell, Hurst


In reference to the Wednesday news story “22 of 23 speakers at forum oppose Fort Worth’s transgender policy”: Thank goodness there are people with common sense with the guts to speak up.

Jim Hargrove, Fort Worth


Another well-thought-out Bud Kennedy column on the the tempest in the pee pot. (See Wednesday column, “Patrick bashes city to promote his goals.”)

Patrick continues to assault those poor children who face challenges already — all because of his imaginary bugaboo. Patrick’s wrecking kids’ lives for a few more votes is almost as disgusting as his imagination.

Chuck Noteboom,

Fort Worth


Unless people use birth certificates while exposing themselves, there’s no way to enforce bathroom purity laws considering the way folks dress nowadays — everybody in pants and long hair.

I say let no one use a public restroom until they dress like the sign on the bathroom door, either in a skirt or in long pants.

Guelma B. Hopkins,

Fort Worth