Letters to the Editor

Readers offer a wide range of views on how to combat Islamic terrorism

A man looks at a memorial site for the victims of the Brussels attacks at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels, Belgium, Friday, April 1, 2016. The Brussels city archive today started collecting messages and drawings to protect and preserve them.
A man looks at a memorial site for the victims of the Brussels attacks at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels, Belgium, Friday, April 1, 2016. The Brussels city archive today started collecting messages and drawings to protect and preserve them. AP

The March 22 terrorist attacks in Brussels that left at least 32 people dead and 300 wounded spawned reactions ranging from expressions of hopelessness in the face of extremism to calls from politicians to heighten police patrols in U.S. Muslim neighborhoods.

While rumors and fears of further Islamic State-inspired attacks — and a flurry of police raids aimed at preventing them — seem to be focused on Europe for the moment, the U.S. cannot consider itself safe.

What do you believe should be done, by ordinary people or by authorities, to lessen the danger?


The U.S. can start by not alienating a population of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.

You cannot blame every Muslim for Islamic extremism.

Patrolling Muslim neighborhoods or banning Muslims from the U.S., as advocated by many Republicans, is frighteningly similar to the fascist tendencies that drove the Nazis to commit the largest genocide in history.

Work with Muslims to combat extremism. You cannot paint this as a battle against an entire religion.

Blerim Elmazi, Arlington


Ordinary people should be more watchful!

Authorities also should be more watchful and aggressive in pursuit of ISIS members.

Though it may be difficult, authorities must be careful not to infringe upon the rights of good, law-abiding Muslims with U.S. citizenship!

George J. Anthony,

Fort Worth


ISIS-inspired attacks are carried out by terrorists who are followers, or are sympathetic to, the Wahhabi sect of Islam, which is predominant in oil-rich Saudi Arabia and several other Middle Eastern countries.

Saudi Arabia heavily subsidizes this conservative religion with its oil wealth.

As an individual, I can lessen my financial support of the Saudis by driving a fuel-efficient vehicle and by biking or walking more to my appointments.

If every U.S. citizen did this, we would lessen our imports of Saudi petroleum, stop subsidizing a regime that promulgates medieval ways of thinking and behavior, and ultimately reduce the threat of terrorism on our shores.

John Edstrom, Fort Worth


Radicalization’s current popularity is fueled by its marketing savvy in producing professional-quality, fast-paced, computer-generated graphics to entice the young and vulnerable gamer generation.

Through the use of nonstop online social messaging, they promise a warm camaraderie and exit strategy from their current lives, the same way an unhappy kid joins a gang or experiments with drugs.

Almost all of the ISIS recruitment in the U.S. is done online and it can be countered if groups of our celebrity world were to get together to promote anti-ISIS endorsements.

That would be more effective than any amount of media from our government.

However, the best strategy is for world governments to defeat them on the battlefield and radicalization becomes a non-issue. Because who wants to join something that’s getting crushed?

Patrick M. Jenkins,



America is armed to the teeth courtesy of the Second Amendment and we’re bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, but we still need to be vigilant to protect our nation, its people and our freedom.

In lieu of rattling sabers, we’ll likely have to infringe on the Fourth Amendment and create a Crime Watch protocol on all our citizens as necessary steps during these transformational times. It’s no longer a “yellow brick road.”

Authorities here encourage the slogan, “If you see something, say something.” Europe doesn’t have that protocol.

These terrorist organizations are ubiquitous and could have sleeper cells living among us, so in short order we may have to triage the situation and take the war to the enemy.

When there’s no political or negotiable alternative, you do it militarily!

Delores Cantrell, Fort Worth


Common sense must prevail, but our foolish leaders don’t know what that is.

Terrorists are here because our leaders can’t distinguish between the good and bad ones, give them citizenship, then lament that U.S. citizens are terrorists, or that they became radicalized after coming to our nation.

Terrorists are the Islamist army. The lone wolf works in an electronic network.

The religion is not as we think, but rather a government with the goal to gain control of our nation. The “good ones” abet the terrorists’ works. Refugee may be the new definition for Trojan Horse.

Donald Trump has stated, “Stop all immigration until we figure out what the hell is going on!”

He was called an Islamophobe and worse. However, common sense dictates that is exactly what we must do lest we cease to exist as a nation.

Eva Snapka, Arlington


As the Islamic un-holy war continues, there will be a “next.” Where and when is anybody’s guess.

But among the things an individual can do is avoid crowds.

The radical Islamists kill men, women and children. All have to be vigilant.

Regarding officials: One thing individuals can do is search for the truth coming from your leaders and potential leaders.

Jack O. Lewis, Haltom City


Government cannot protect us. It does not and will not admit the problem.

A lady who visited Jerusalem said she felt safer there than here because the Israelis recognize the danger.

Determine whether immigrants adopt our way of life or whether they are still living mentally and spiritually in their old country. That is what causes resentment and conflict.

The guest should never question how the house is run.

This is America. We speak English. If another country is better, go there.

Wyman Bess, Roanoke


The bombings in Brussels and Paris were terrible, and more than words are needed to stop IS, known to me as International Savages.

The following actions would end their existence:

Elect Donald Trump president. Middle Easterners will not accept the words of any woman.

Create a bank account to which countries can donate money to be awarded to those who inform their participating government of cells that are found guilty of terrorist intentions.

Publicly execute any terrorist found with a bomb vest. They wanted to die in the first place.

Improve immigrant applications to require a sponsor who would be responsible for the applicant’s actions.

Derek Sidwell, Fort Worth


I believe the next terrorist attack will be in the U.S., probably at some big event like a national convention.

We need to immediately stop importing people from Muslim countries. These people are not vetted and we have no knowledge of their background and intentions and no reliable way of getting reliable information from the places they come from.

This is hindered by a president who wants to import them in droves, despite the havoc they’re causing overseas. He says they’re widows and orphans and we see on the news young, strong men in their 20s.

Walter H. Delashmit, Justin