Letters to the Editor

Lane striping; indigent in court; poor presidents

A bike route sign in Arlington, Texas.
A bike route sign in Arlington, Texas. Star-Telegram archives

Lane striping

It’s lovely that Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price has her bike lanes, but how about some striping for motorized-vehicle lanes?

The eastbound lanes of North University Drive at Jacksboro Highway have faded to nonexistent.

I drive it every day but never know if I’m in the right lane.

I also drive Trail Drive twice a day, and I see no reason for extending it to Lancaster Avenue.

It’s simple to turn left from Trail Drive to University and then turn right onto Lancaster.

There’s no reason to waste money for that.

How about spending money instead on striping lanes for motorized vehicles and fixing potholes? And, please, stop constantly tearing up Montgomery Street!

Kay Fulgham,

Fort Worth

Indigent in court

As municipal court judges we see many defendants who are indigent.

If a court does not perform indigency hearings and thus does not offer payment plans or community service, it’s possible for an indigent defendant to end up in jail for failure to pay the fine.

Courts have a duty to hold indigency hearings and pursue alternatives to fines, such as community service.

If performing community service causes a defendant an undue hardship, judges are allowed to waive the fine.

People should see our courts as a place where these alternatives exist, not a one-way ticket to jail.

I urge everyone to let us know how we can make our courts more accessible, and we as judges need to use all the tools available.

Being poor should not be a jail sentence and is not a crime.

Ed Spillane, president,

Texas Municipal Courts Association, College Station

Poor presidents

The American people are destined to cast their votes for the wrong person.

The fusillades of the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump, signal how vulgar and ugly he could be as president.

They are just as blind to the nefarious behavior of the leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

It’s probably impossible to refuse to vote for either one and start over.

Don Phillips,

Fort Worth