Letters to the Editor

Trump and Hitler

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a campaign rally March 11.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a campaign rally March 11. AP

Trump and Hitler

In the early 1930s, the German middle class had been devastated by the hollowing out of the manufacturing sector during the First World War.

People were angry and easy prey for the extremist oratory of Adolf Hitler.

In the U.S. in 2008, with a suffering and angry middle class, a disillusioned GOP attracted only a fraction of the number of voters in the Democratic primaries.

In 2016, the Democratic base is bringing only a fraction compared to the Republicans.

Unfortunately, the oratorical style of the GOP front-runner is more similar to Hitler’s.

Charles Alexander,



Thoughtful, reasonable, honorable, 1776 patriotic-type Americans should never be led by a brutish, two-faced man like Donald Trump.

Look back on World War II history and you’ll see a lot of terrible similarities between Trump and Adolf Hitler.

Millions of innocent people died because the German people were taken in by hate-filled words against anyone not like themselves.

I’m 72 and I can’t believe the anger and physical assaults that Trump has encouraged at his rallies.

Now, in such a crucial election for our country, vote for an honorable, compassionate person with intelligence on domestic, military and foreign policy.

A.O. Atkisson, Fort Worth


To be fair, Trump is a very pale version of Hitler — Hitler lite.

He doesn’t have thugs in uniforms parading about with flags beating up the targeted ethnic groups and his political opponents. The level of violence at the Trump rallies is pretty insignificant, but I won’t say it can’t get worse.

After reading Troy Worthy’s Tuesday letter supporting Trump’s attacks on immigrants, I thought: These Trump supporters are really out of touch with reality.

I’ve lived in Texas all my life and observed the migration of workers from south of the border into our community over the last 3  1/2 decades.

They have a good work ethic, work for lower wages, form tight-knit communities and put priority on family.

That’s pretty typical of every other group of immigrants. I don’t think the problems they bring with them are any worse than those of us who were born here.

Only a tiny percentage commit crimes that require prison or deportation.

Hitler rounded up and deported Jews to concentration camps. He said he was defending German culture. He couldn’t build enough camps to hold all the Jews of the countries the German army occupied, so the SS started killing them en masse.

I won’t tolerate a candidate or his supporters who talk about rounding up millions of people. It’s ugly, people will get hurt, families will be separated.

Ben Swallow, Fort Worth


Kudos to letter writer Troy Worthy.

He clearly and succinctly pointed out why some people support Trump for president, people who are tired of the status quo, political correctness and run-amok immigration policies.

This country is at a crossroads.

Either we will continue to accept business as usual in Congress, elect a “feminine Obama” as president who will continue his ruinous policies, put up with porous borders, continue to be badgered with “political correctness” by the media and liberals.

Or we can take the bull by the horns and elect someone who is a true conservative, who will follow the Constitution and will be a president for all the people, not just for those of his political leanings.

Clista Hancock, Arlington


I believe Donald Trump is sincere in his effort to “Make America Great Again,” especially since he is going to give his most productive and enjoyable years to achieve that.

I will support Donald Trump.

Joy Victor Springer,