Letters to the Editor

Cowtown Marathon; Supreme Court; deficit problem; Dillard’s; modern crusaders

Justin Meaders of Keller was the top finisher in Handcycles during this year’s Cowtown Marathon.
Justin Meaders of Keller was the top finisher in Handcycles during this year’s Cowtown Marathon. Special to the Star-Telegram

Cowtown Marathon

As someone who used to run the Cowtown 10K, I’m a fan of races even when they cause traffic problems downtown.

However — and I hope I don’t come off as a whiner — I was downtown around 10:30 a.m. last Sunday and the roads were still tied up as the stragglers finished.

The problem is, they were walking, not running, and a lot of time and money was spent to control traffic for a very few.

I realize it’s popular to cheer on the last few folks, but I would think that a time limit should be set so that volunteers, officers and folks getting around town can all enjoy the positive vibes generated.

Mike Morgan, Colleyville

Supreme Court

The Republicans in Congress need to rethink their attitude.

Wouldn’t it be better to survive on an Obama choice for Supreme Court instead of waiting for the ultra-left-wing nominee from Hillary Clinton?

Clinton’s political stance makes Obama appear to be a right-wing conservative.

No chance for a Republican president, because Trump will hang on until June, when he will have to reveal his tax returns and leave the race.

Then he will return to the campaign as an independent in late October when his “unpaid volunteers” have primed the pump so it appears he is bowing to the “will of the people.”

By then he will have destroyed any chance for a viable Republican candidate. He will suck off all the independent voters and many of the right/left wing Republicans as Ross Perot did in the 1992 election.

Then his favorite candidate will win.

I don’t think the Republicans in Congress will enjoy the ultra-left-wing liberal judges nominated by Clinton. Definitely not if she nominates Obama.

Unless Republicans and independents are smarter than they were in 1992.

Jonathan J. Carroll,



It says in the papers that Justice Clarence Thomas broke 10 years of courtroom silence and posed questions during a Supreme Court oral argument.

Makes me wonder: Are we gonna have to put up with this every 10 years?

Roger Summers, Arlington

Deficit problem

The Thursday commentary (“Candidates touting fairy tale solutions to financial woes”) was right.

Our federal budget deficits will be corrected only by less spending or more taxes.

Candidates who want more spending (i.e., building a wall, more war or bombing ISIS) should say how they will correct our deficits.

We had a budget surplus at the end of 2000. Then two wars cost $2 trillion-plus, and in 2004 taxes were cut on the wealthiest 1 percent (i.e., a death tax cut on estates of more than $5 million and a tax cut on stock dividends).

It wasn’t surprising that deficits ballooned, with total debt going from $5 trillion to $10 trillion by 2008.

Suggestions on spending cuts depend on priorities.

Maybe tell Japan, South Korea and Germany that they should pay for their own defense and that we’re bringing our troops home. We can no longer afford to be the world’s policeman.

Steve Hadley, Benbrook


Does it bother anyone else that the Dillard’s department store chain will soon have two outlet stores here?

I was always amazed at how many leftovers (mostly clothes) filled the Six Flags Mall store.

Transforming the store at Ridgmar into another leftover store is mind-boggling.

Deborah Greenlee,


Modern crusaders

Jihadists who want to start a 21st-century crusade against Muslims are hijacking Christianity.

Beware during this season when politicians solicit your vote by pretending to be Christ followers in one speech and proclaiming war in the next.

Tyler George, Aledo