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Nothing is free; a fair catch; some regs are okay

Nothing is free

Obama’s goal of making community college “free” is in accord with his real dream of making everything “free.”

When everything is “free,” if you make $50,000 per year, your first year state, local, and federal taxes will be $60,000. In the second year, as demand for everything ramps up – low price = high demand – your $50,000 salary will not cover a $100,000 tax bill.

Don’t even ask about the third year. Of course, what you’ll be able to buy for “free” will be nothing, because when everything is “free,” no one will be inclined to work to produce that which is “free.”

Nothing is free.

Obama was going to render health care affordable. It may be affordable, but for many it just is not available because doctors and hospitals cannot stay in business at the insurance-assisted price. Community college will be the same way — affordable, but unavailable.

And now, let’s all sit back and watch hundreds of thousands lobby and demonstrate for yet another middle-class taxpayer-funded gift granted by the benevolent leader in the White House.

— Michael D. Dirmeier, Keller

A fair catch

Whether you are a Cowboys fan or not, it was a good catch.

For the sake of the integrity of the sport, there has to be a way for the NFL to be able to overturn such a call especially when it has clear and direct bearing on the outcome of a game.

Otherwise, the conference runs the risk of losing the support of the public and, of course, the resulting revenues.

Everyone’s idea of what is fair play cries out for a remedy and the remedy must apply to Sunday’s game!

— William Brown, Arlington

Some regs are okay

I sighed when reading comments by our governor regarding plastic bags and fracking.

If a community believes their health and safety are at risk, or they wish to have a cleaner community with less of their tax dollars spent on removing trash and litter pick up, I say good for them for passing these regulations.

Sure, regulations can go too far. Although, that is what people first said about mandatory seat belts, limits on what you can dump in water ), and alcohol consumption when driving and boating.

I have seen how much cleaner California appears since the plastic bags regulations. I see how beautiful and incredible land and increased home value with limits on felling large heritage trees in New England. I also see countries like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, parts of African, Asia and South America without environmental regulations.

Do we really want to go down that slippery slope that only the rich may have clean water, nice landscapes and safe environments?

I love Texas and want to keep it clean, safe and healthy for my child and my grandchildren.

It doesn’t take much effort to bring your own bags to a grocery store. One chain already requires it, and they seem to be thriving.

Keep it up.

— Gabrielle Gordon, Keller


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